5 April 2014

It’s Miller time! Grandma Cindy came into town this week and the boys have loved getting so much attention. Bompa Petes comes into town tomorrow and then we (The Millers and Powers) are off to Moab for Spring Break. Bompa Petes found a great VRBO house and we’re just going to hang out for a few days! I was telling Ryan last night that we should throw in some of our climbing stuff, maybe go out while we have the chance! We’ll see how well we do planning beforehand. We’re planning on renting some bikes, hitting some of the sites: including one of my personal favorite places ‘The Peace Tree Cafe!’ Yum!  The timing of their trip has worked out perfect! Finn has next week off from preschool so we really are wide open! School systems really do stream line Spring break nation wide, don’t they! Ryan is coming down as well for the trip, he will spend a day out in California Monday for another interview – keep us in your thoughts!! This is a big one. 

Dinosaur1-0946Today we all spent the afternoon at the dinosaur museum over at Thanksgiving point. Surprisingly, I had never been there before! We had so much fun, the boys loved it!  This was our first time to a dinosaur museum with the boys and consisted largely of Royal growling through the whole thing, and Jude saying things like: ‘scary!’ Finn kept making the observation: “They aren’t real!” Almost in a more reassuring tone then anything else. He was quite the expert on the dinosaurs. Thanks Grandma Cindy for the great outing!  There were quite a few other observers, I was surprised because the tickets weren’t cheap! 

IMG_1015Royal is feeling a bit better, I took stool samples to the lab this week for both Jude and Royal. Royal I think just caught some type of bacteria but I don’t know for sure, so better safe then sorry. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I found out that Jude just had some type of parasite that made his stomach extra sensitive, fat chance! I thought we’d check it out though. 

IMG_0996 IMG_0992Royal is a crack up with his tongue! He loves sticking it out.  He has been up quite early this week and consequently so has the rest of the boys. At least it seems to have gotten me on the early program.

IMG_0940Spring has arrived in Utah! We still have chilly days here and there but I think the nice weather is here to stay, many of the cherry blossoms have started to bloom and the tulips in the neighborhood. Nothing like blooming flowers! 

Dinosaur2-0979 IMG_0967 IMG_0955The boys loved the hands on activities they had there. We were going to watch the Wisconsin basketball game after so we didn’t let them dig up the bones but we did let them get their hands dirty playing with the toy dinosaurs. I learned some interesting things and really enjoyed the exhibit myself. I think I have to do more messy activities with Jude because he was appalled at the beginning that he was getting his hands so messy on purpose! It’s interesting what’s fun for the kids ends up being fun for the parents too. 


Thanks again Grandma Cindy, that was great! Love you. 

Quick shout out to one of my favorite girls, Maddy. She’s been coming over for nearly 2 hours every day M-F to help me with Jude. Since he doesn’t qualify for any specific therapy I am really trying to emphasize one on one time. We tried to get Jude into preschool but he just wasn’t ready, while Finn gets to go to school, Jude gets to play with Maddy and it really makes him feel special too. I often end up letting her watch Royal too because it’s so nice to have a breather for a few minutes and he gets so excited to see her too. Babysitters are the biggest win-win. Jude was singing a song in the bathroom yesterday that Maddy taught him and he talks about her all the time. I’m so grateful for how awesome she is with Jude. It is the highlight of his day playing with her, and riding in her awesome golf cart. Have a great Spring break Maddy. We love you!


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