Moab 2014

Moab20-142511 April 2014

First off, this is the first of two blog posts from our week in Moab. You know me, always taking LOTS of photos and this week was no exception. I ended up with no shortage of fun shots. I had a lot of fun documenting the trip. Ryan’s parents flew in from Minnesota where they have had the worst winter since the 1960’s! It’s been frigid cold with feet and feet of snow. Utah’s spring season is officially underway with all the cherry blossoms in bloom. We saw blooming cacti on multiple adventures. These prickly cactus bloom the most beautiful flowers with paper tissue thin petals. They will only be open for a few days. Spring in Moab is a great idea!

Moab1-1138We hadn’t seen Ryan’s parents in over eight months and the boys took advantage of the chance to enjoy some special attention. This trip was a unique occasion because Emily and Clayton live in Utah as well but they are also temporarily staying with the in-laws. The Millers had the great idea of renting a house down in Moab and created their own gathering place.  Now that’s how you do Moab. Amazing vacation, thank you Bonka Petes and Grandma Cindy!

Moab27-1293Our Mr. Finn was quite the rock climber this week! Wow, we had to keep reigning him in because Jude wanted to go everywhere he went and Jude’s balance on the rocks was quite worrisome. I had some awesome help always keeping a hand on him. Jude gave some of the fellow tourists more than one scare with his running, biking- like a bat out of hell, and lunging all over the place.

Moab4-1067IMG_1091Emily and Clayton: the  poor things always get the most raw look at parenting! The are both the youngest in their family and all of our siblings have kids so close together so chaos often times ensues.

Moab17-1417Emily and I love the same books, food, and exercise. She’s running a marathon in a few weeks and we both laughed about how burned out you get from all those dreadfully long runs! You’re amazing Em! Emily dragged Clayton up this ridge. We were all laughing below – even a few strangers because the body language of Emily versus Clayton was a crack up. She was pretty comfortable up there, opposed to Clatyon who was looking quite stiff!

Moab10-1157IMG_1172 IMG_1167This was probably one of Finn’s favorite parts of the trip. This little canyon was filled with slot canyons and soft sand! He channeled his inner David Hasselhof and ran around like a madman!

Moab25-1323We did as much this week as we would have done if we had just done this trip as a family! I couldn’t believe that Peter and Cindy had that sort of energy. Ryan did most of our planning day to day giving us lots of options and Peter pulled the trigger on a lot of the options. We had pretty good execution considering the diverse group.

MoabFamily11-1342Today’s post is a compilation of our hikes and walks to different sites. Tomorrow I am going to show our activities. We went zip lining and did a hummer tour. Both of which completely exceeded my expectation. Wow!

IMG_1329The views were breathtaking at every turn. Here are a few more picture enjoying the views.

Moab24-1337Moab6-1072Jude is pretty adventurous crawling around anywhere and everywhere he could get his little body!

IMG_1120Jude did well on the trip. He had a few difficult moments but we pushed past it and we all had a lot of fun. He absolutely loved the hummer tour… seriously in heaven! He was IN the hummer the minute we got out of the car.

Moab7-1096My favorite part of the trip was hiking up to delicate arch. We had a pretty packed day and knew we were pushing things, but everyone was up for trying it and I’m so glad we did.

IMG_1391There were a few really steep sections – Grandma Cindy was such a great sport that couldn’t have been easy on the knees. At the hardest part I turned back and it didn’t seem hard for either of them – all three of them were deep in conversation just cruising! Emily had Cindy talking about nursing – something she cares so much about and by the time they reached the top Cindy had just realized Emily’s tact of purposefully getting her mind off the hike! (If you know Grandma Cindy you know what I mean!)

IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1403

It was a fun memory being up there with everyone. It was quite a work out carrying the boys up!

Moab15-1406Chasing tiny kids really keeps you in shape! Golly, they wear me out!

Moab16-1407One of the reasons I loved the delicate arch hike so much was because I had a really special moment with Royal on the hike down. He was so happy and kept giving me big hugs and kisses. He was laughing and he was imitating my sounds and my heart just felt so full. Those are the best moments. The last five minutes of the hike we walked as a family and sang Frozen songs because Finn and Jude were starting to get a little fussy – the car was within site and it got us through. We had the most amazing view of the stars when we finished and it reminded me of my own childhood looking at the stars at night on Lake Powell.

Moab14-1382Love our family!

Moab22-1443Moab18-1416Moab26-1201We’ve got some tired birds!

Hiking down!

Moab23-1450Fun, fun, fun day!  The only pictures you regret taking are the ones you didn’t take!




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  1. You captured so much of the beauty of Moab. What an amazing place. I really think that Canyonlands is as majestic as the Grand Canyon–and with more variety and beauty. And Arches is so beautiful! Of course, spending time with your family and Emily and Clayton made it fun and most memorable!

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