Moab Adventures

2Moab4-152111 April 2014

Yes. That is all nine of us in one car! Is that a crazy set up or what? We even had all the boys. I have always heard of these Hummer tours, and I had been ‘jeeping’ before but I had no idea what was in store. We had such a fun time all together off roading. Jude was shrieking in what could only be interrupted as pure happiness. Our driver Ed only did two ‘scares’ on purpose of course. Each one I shrieked, the boys turned around and giggled! They were braver then me! Royal was a cool customer as well, the whole time! We had him thoroughly strapped down, he had fun too. He was so cute, he held onto his car seats one hand gripping each side smiling. Thanks Millers!

IMG_1548The ride was so wild at one point Royal’s shoe flew off and a mountain biker called after us after he found Ro’s shoe on the ground!! Grandma Cindy’s credit card and license also flew out of the car and we just happened to see it on our drive back. Is that wild or what –

2Moab10-1537A lot of posesd pictures, these Hummers are so cool though. It was a real treat to do the tour. It was seriously two hours off road going up and straight down mountains.

This one wasn’t posed!


IMG_10812Moab5-1511Ryan  helped me work the camera because I really was a bit paralyzed other than holding Royal’s hand. Uncle Clayton helped me hold Royal’s head so it wasn’t rolling around like crazy.

IMG_10512Moab8-1553We got a lot of sun! It was a great way to end the trip.

2Moab12-1508The first activity we did in Moab was zip lining. I didn’t have to much of an impression. I thought it would be fun, but I had no idea that we would be riding up in a huge ATV first or get to watch a majestic sunrise over the La Sal Mountains and slick rock bike course. We were up there at 8 am. Grandma Cindy watched the kids for me, and did great!

Special thanks to Bompa Petes for taking his camera – I didn’t want to bring mine along, so these are courteously provided by from him.

IMG_0891All five of us bright and earls!

IMG_0907Let’s just say Hb was more than in her element during this activity. Nothing like soaring off those edges diving into the beyond and then striking a scissor pose! Everyone laughed a lot. Nothing beat watching Bompa Petes smash into the big metal pole on the fifth of six ziplines. I don’t think that was supposed to happen. 2Moab3-0914IMG_09002Moab2-0887IMG_0920IMG_0952There’s Nolan. He was awesome. The zipline course is new to Moab, so next time you’re down there you should check it out. It was for sure exceed expectations, and I think hitting the pole is really rare.


Bompa Petes was nervous here! Quite a drop!

IMG_1594 IMG_1580 IMG_1569 2Moab6-1559

3 responses

  1. Great pictures of everyone… Even the guide (who lived in a tent outside, in Park City, ALL winter)!!!!
    We had fun, didn’t we??? Love the candid shots of the boys. Could not believe how naturally Finn took to hiking and rock climbing! Keeping track of those little money’s is a work-out in itself! Love, Mom

  2. Hey, Heather–thanks for allowing me to be a guest contributor and photographer! What a couple of fun activities. I was expecting more of a safari tour–but the hummer deal was more of a near-death experience! Glad the driver knew what he was doing! Of course, the zip lining was crazy and HB was HD for the morning (Hot Dog)–she had fun mocking the danger. Pretty sure she’s had a previous life in the circus. Was special just sharing the fears and fun with everyone! BP

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