Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Easter6-175719 April 2014

We had another successful Easter egg hunt this year. The boys loved seeing the Easter bunny and this year was extra special because we had my entire family come to the event and then grabbed lunch together. Between Tanner and Austin’s work and finals schedule it was amazing they both made it happen to be there. Easter egg hunts for toddlers are such a crack up! Finn did well grabbing some eggs. After I asked Finn:

“How many eggs did you grab?”

“Four.” “There were a lot of baskets. Four was a lot”

I had them hunt for their Easter baskets this morning because Finn really felt like Easter was today. Between getting to see the bunny himself and having a hunt, I can’t blame him for being confused with the dual day concept. This year he asked every day this week ‘is tomorrow Easter?’ So I really wanted him to feel like Easter morning was something special and he thought it was today.

Easter9-1679Well this morning was quite eventful not only because the boys were excited the Easter bunny had come but also because Ryan experienced true amnesia this morning. We have been trying to get Ryan sleeping through the night so we tried for the first time some prescription sleep medicine, well this morning he didn’t have any of his memories past 9:30. He had no recollection of hiding our Easter baskets, no recollection on multiple conversations. We were up walking around together and he has no memory of any of it. He woke up this morning frustrated why I was making so much noise and making a big fuss about the Easter bunny when Easter is on Sunday. Then he was mad that I had done all of this stuff without him. Which I did make the baskets on my own but he helped me hide them and was just excited about them as I was the night before! Needless to say, it was a rough start to the day and we won’t be taking that stuff again.

IMG_1702 Easter10-1689 IMG_1694I had to put these in here because Royal’s hair just cracks me up. He was so excited to have his own basket. I got all the boys bunnies. I had to snap some pics before the hunt with them.

Easterbunnies-1720Royal thought it was funny to throw the rabbit at me. Are their navy outfitts the cutest or what. Love them!

Easter1-1729Right after Jude found his basket this morning: which was filled with mostly non food items – I got distracted (reminding Ryan of the entire previous evening) and Jude got to his Sees chocolate bunnies. Unfortunately he got to it again in the afternoon and he was literally drunk from chocolate and could not stand up straight. He had to sleep it off. If you think I’m joking, I’m serious. The poor kid never gets more than a tiny nibble and today he was eating See’s chocolate bunnies!

IMG_1791Easter4-1747Baby bear has been saying mom a lot and signs more constantly for food. He has quite the ravenous appetite. His diarrhea has stopped (he got some virus and had it for two weeks straight)  I have taken him off all dairy but he gets plenty of almond milk, protein drink, and I’m researching some sort of good probiotic. Most of the onest I’ve tried causes loose bowel. I have an appointment with a specialist the first week of May and I can’t wait to get some more do’s and don’t to healthy digestive health in children. Although by this point I know quite a bit. Feeding your kids… never could have imagined just how challenging it can be.

Easterbunnies2-1713Kisses for the bunnies!!


3 responses

  1. OOOOHH!!! So cute!!! I’ve been waiting for your Easter post. Your boys are always so darling at Easter!!! The picture of the three of them with their bunnies is my favorite…so, so sweet. I wish we could celebrate Easter with you guys…our girls just LOVE it too!!! it’s such a fun time for the kiddos. Love you guys!! Give your boys kisses from us.

  2. The Easter outfits are SO CUTE! (Gigi always has great taste!). Love the boys’ baskets! Little blue pill to help you sleep, Ryan? Maybe a bit too strong for you! Haha! Wish I could nibble on some of the chocolate goodies! The egg hunt is a great Easter tradition! Thanks for the great post! Wonderful pictures of the whole family!!

  3. What a fun and crazy celebration! Chocolate, bunnies, special outfits! Party on! Everyone is looking good–cute as ever. Hey–Ryan used to always try that amnesia thing when he was a kid–don’t give him any breaks on those, “can’t remember” stories.

    Btw, I always wanted to do a 2-day Easter celebration–but never got it done: Saturday: celebration of the Easter bunny and all his trappings, Sunday: celebration of, well, Easter! Someday–maybe someone will pick up where I never got started.

    We had 75 degree weather on Easter–so, take that!

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