Easter Sunday

FamilyEaster2-186021 April 2014

There are my boys! I will always love this picture. That’s my boys! It’s always so much fun for me to get everyone dressed up on Easter. The boys were excited to put their outfit’s on believe it or not. They know new clothes! I am obsessed with my little Royal right now. He has so much personality. He just wants to follow the boys everywhere and copy what they do. He has a hard time communicating what he wants so I end up playing the guessing game for most of the day – which he loves and I hate sometimes. Some moments are definitely more fatiguing then others. I didn’t intentionally match the boys, but it worked out nicely this year. I found this dress and just loved the A line cut and stripes. Then I saw the back and was totally sold. I love the zipper, it was fun to feel pretty. 


Ryan was looking good today as well. This has been a hard year for both of us. I am proud of us for really keeping at it. We are both trying  and are optimistic about our future together.  Nothing on the immediate horizon for us now, but that could change. It’s been an amazing reality to live through something that feels so hard but I know it will end and things will feel good.

EasterBoys-1830 JudeEaster-1960It was a super hot day on Easter. Bright, bright sun. The boys were playing with an ice sculpture from brunch that kept them occupied for a long time. We had a great time soaking up the sun and visiting while the boys played. 

Thanks for a wonderful Easter brunch Gigi and Toppy. I got to eat some of our favorite foods. An egg white omelette packed with vegetables, crepes, quinoa salad, and… I’ll admit- bacon. Woah, they have the best bacon I’ve ever had. Jude whenever we drive by yells out: “bacon!”

GigiandToppy-1890My parents were cute humoring me. It was so bright and they both have sensitive eyes. They love each other so much, it’s sweet.

GigandToppyEaster2-1894 Ryanheadedtobrunch-1874

The boys have been cracking us up in the car. They can be a lot of fun sometimes. Then there are moments like today, when I find out that Jude actually peed on someone at the park! WHAT! Peed on someone? That kid has lost all of his peeing in a bush privileges. I guess he had to go and peed off the jungle gym at the park and hit someone!  Before having kids I would have been outraged at the parent, now. I totally understand, some kids just lack total awareness -and my Jude is one of them.


3 responses

  1. Hahaha Jude!! Bombs away! That is hilarious. You guys are adorable in your Easter duds but I really wanted to see more of the dress! And those shoes! Smokin hot mama! You should feel pretty every second of your life heather, you are gorgeous!

  2. these pictures are beautiful!!!! spring in full bloom! we love your family! heather – you’re beautiful! I am in love with your dress! and all your boys are so handsome…darling, darling!

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