Enjoying Spring

Dancingblossoms-201827 April 2014

Mr. Finn dancing in the falling blossoms. He is a precious boy. Experiencing the seasons change is truly magical. I have a better understanding of the intense draw people have to living here now. I was never a Utah-hater – I  have always seen it’s beauty but I just craved diversity. After being away for a few years it’s been fun to really experience it again. The wind has been lightly blowing and it’s not uncommon to just be showered in lovely falling blossoms from the trees. We have been enjoying lots of walks lately – although today we have all had a spout of the stomach flu. The boys have already passed the worst. Finn and Royal started throwing up within an hour of each other and Jude went through that yesterday. Thankfully with Gigi’s three different mega washing machines it’s made having the stomach flu a breeze to tackle.


Judesmellingflowers2-2045Jude is a lovely person. Today he had to stay home from church because of the flu and when I came home I climbed into bed with him to slowly wake him up from his nap. He can sleep like a rock. He rolled over saw me in my dress and asked, “Mom! How was church?” The boys inquisitive nature is already coming out. They have loved the blooming flowers. Many of the trees along our walk smell and it’s fun for them to stop and sniff.

Tulips-2008My mom has had an array of dark pink, light pink, purple, purple and white, and the occasional all white flower blooming for weeks. They have all bloomed gradually which has made it more fun to enjoy longer.

IMG_2279The cotton has came along with the tulips. My parents have I think every cotton tree in Provo on their street. It’s not our trees that have cotton, it’s the neighbors! Like clockwork the cotton always comes right before Mother’s day and Father’s day. We barbecued out in the back despite the snowing cotton and the boys wrestled while I more smoked then grilled our chicken. I didn’t want it to cook too fast and didn’t end up keeping the grill hot enough. I had a few good lessons learned on this grilling endeavor.

IMG_2031This is Jude’s attempt at sniffing the blossoms that we could all smell hanging above!

Judesmellingflowers-2048Ryan and I took turns at the grill. Like I said, it was more smoking the meat then grilling it so my eyes were getting burned out!

IMG_2251It seems like Mr Finn and Norwegian always have a hand on each other. I have stopped saying, “Stop fighting” and now fervently ask “stop touching each other!” Boys.

IMG_2264Jude loves holding his chicken in his hand. As you can see we had some burned pieces to scrape off! It wasn’t too bad though.

IMG_2288 IMG_2294Finn liked grilling.

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