Congratulations Kinsey and Joe


28 April 2014

I went to a wedding today and it was something special. Joe is one of my cousins that I feel very close to. I was so happy we were able to go. He has married the sweetest girl named Kinsey. I realized when hugging each of them that I hadn’t even met Kinsey but I felt like I knew her because I’ve been following them on instagram… oh social media. It was neat though because I could feel that she felt the same way. Truly, so incredibly kind. Joe has a very soft heart and I think they complement each other perfectly. Here are some of the shots from the day. Joe’s mom Eileen didn’t have her camera there so I made a deliberate effort to get quite a few from the day.

Joe5-2504 Joe3-2503

Joe11-2522That’s my dad’s sister, my Aunt Eileen. She is a very warm loving person.


Joe8-2512Joe12-2540Kinsey’s little sister was darling. I loved her dress. She had these beautiful steel shoes to match. It was sweet watching her take care of her sister’s train so tenderly.


Joe1-2565It was so cold in the shade! Gigi was frozen solid. Brrrrrrr

Joe13-2561My brother Tanner just returned from a fun Lake Powell trip and just barely made the wedding. When it comes to weddings all the cousins make a particularly special effort to come so we end up having a lot of people there and it’s really fun to connect. You always know everyone is going to do whatever it takes to be there. Attending my Brockbank cousin’s wedding have always been a special memory and I remember each one so much. I think the only wedding I’ve missed was my cousin Teddy’s and I’m still sad I didn’t get to be there! These guys drove all the way down from Idaho to make it!

Wil&Laur2BW-2568Look at those flowers! I need to go back there with my boys soon. I really do forget how gorgeous it is.







4 responses

  1. Oh my word fantastic photos heather!! I’m so glad your camera didnt really get stolen haha!! Especially love the one where they are coming out and turned to the sides, and the one where she is hugging Eileen, and of course the one of Wil and Laur. And the train! Oh I should have started naming favorites, they are all fantastic. Such a fun day, so fun to see you and your family. I do love my cousins!

  2. These are so fantastic heather!! What a gift that you got those. It was so fun seeing you and catching up. Hang in there cute girl with your crazy life right now. You guys are such amazing people, everything is going to work out just great. Love you!!😘

  3. Fabulous photos, HB! Is it my imagination or does Joe look a bit like Austin??? There’s a resemblance there. Someday it will be your boys attending cousins weddings! Hard to imagine, but time flies!
    Love you, sweet one!

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