Aunt Emily’s Marathon

Emilyrace6-283318 May 2014

Yesterday we got to go watch Aunt Emily’s marathon. She ran the Ogden race and did a great job. The boys were great encouraging all the racers. There were a lot of kids cheering on the participants so that made it fun for them.  It was an incredibly warm day – 85 degrees! It was fun to watch all the runners but I’m not going to lie, not missing running much. I’m really proud of Emily for all of her hard work, it’s pretty hard not to be burned out by the time the race comes. She was immaculate with her training. I’m glad we were able to go watch. Crazy how many people do that race.

Here are some pics from the day –  I wanted Emily to get some of these shots. Way to go Emily, well done! I hope recovery is going well! 

Emilyrace2-2791We were right next to this cute girl and she slapped nearly a thousand people’s hands. She was really cute and the boys loved giving people high fives.


Emilyrace4-2804Getting ready to cross the finish line!

Emilyrace5-2822Aunt Emily didn’t know her parents were coming in for the race-  they surprised her on the side lines. It was a great surprise considering Minnesota is so far away.

Emilyrace7-2850Post race, lots of smiles!






6 responses

  1. Way to go Emily!!! So many smiles along the way…how is that possible?…Peter and Cindy what a wonderful Surprise for Emily!! You two are sure doing a lot of flying seeing all your kids…at least Not another flight to Dubai!

  2. Thanks for the great post HB! So glad you brought that camera! Way to go Emily! You were in serious pain at mile 6—no way to start a marathon. You deserved better than all that cramping–but the victory came with the way you endured the pain–for the entire 26.2 miles! What an example for the rest of us! So strong! Love, dad

  3. Great photos, Heather! So glad the blog is back up again; I’ve had serious withdrawals. Emily, you are my hero! I am so impressed with your diligent preparation and your determination to see it to the end, step after step! You made it fun for us! HB, the Maclaren is looking a little worse for the wear… But the boys are hilarious with the sunglasses. It was a great day. Love you!

  4. Thanks for the post, Heather. It meant a lot to me that you guys came up — I know lugging the boys up there probably wasn’t easy, but it really meant a lot! It was a challenging race, but I am happy I did it.

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