Our Evening Stroll

Finneveningwalk-319423 May 2014

We haven’t had much going on so here is a post showing our true ordinary – nothing shows a more typical moment with the Millers then coming along one of our strolls. What am I going to do when my kids are too big to fit into a stroller? We love walking as a family. It’s truly our favorite simple pleasure. I’ve spent sometime with my camera but not in front of the kids much lately, so I brought it along yesterday and it always strikes me just how much I love watching my boys from behind the lense of my camera. It makes me feel happy, and amongst so many monotonous moments of the day I am grateful for that feeling.

RoyalEveningwalk-3187I love getting up close with the camera but I recognize that I am not very comfortable further away so I am trying to work at that but it’s going to take effort. Royal is so happy in this picture and it’s such a classic expression of his – he’s fun to have around. He’s in that classic hang on your leg for a significant part of the day – Moms you know what I mean! So being outside is definitely where we spend a lot of our time now.  The boys have had a horrible cold this week and it always takes a toll with their moods.

Judeeveningwalk-3178Hbeveningwalk-3217Yikes! Look who got in front of the camera. Ryan reached out for the camera, and I thought ‘oh boy!’ Nothing like the end of the day, but hey this is real life. I just embrace it and roll with it. Me.

Royalstayingwarm-3203We actually have shoes for Royal now, but he still wears a lot of his booties even though we’re into warmer weather. They are nice for a cooler evening. All of his booties have been washing nicely, I’m really hard mine given that I can make myself a pair whenever I want – but I’ve really only had one pair hole so far.

IMG_3244Jude getting super close to this earth worm! It had rained and everything was really fresh. He is such a funny boys that kid!

Lilacbush-3222Every time we walk to the park we smell all the flowers that are blooming through the gate including these lilac flowers. The Spring here in Utah has lasted so long and it’s made me so happy. I’m hoping to get more blog posts up in the next week, I am always knitting at night these days or working on photos – my posts haven’t been weighing on my mind much.  We’ll be swimming a lot with the boys next week, and there is a lot to update on in regards to things I am excited about. I have had a lot of happy thoughts permeating my mind, that I’d love to share and of course more photos.



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