A Dream Day

GolfingHb&Ry-329525 May 2014

Yesterday was one of those dream days. What a special, special treat. My mom offered to watch all my boys so Ryan and I could go play 9 holes behind my Dad and brothers. I haven’t played golf since I had my boys over four years ago now. This will sound so silly, but I could actually feel tears swelling up in my eyes as we were teeing off. It’s hard to fathom before you have kids just how little time you’ll have for yourself. I love our family time with the kids, and it’s filled doing so many things I wouldn’t trade for any selfish time but it’s nice to do something that I love that I cared a lot about before having kids. I’m sure in a few years time I’ll look back at the blog and think that while golf was extraordinary I would give so much just to have one more ordinary day like my previous post reflected – just going on a walk with our sweet baby boys.


GolfingHb-3276It’s hard to enjoy the kids sometimes, just today for example Royal ruined the carpet in my mom’s guest bedroom- the room we’ve been staying in while we are here. He got into one of the desk drawers and found a bleach pen and drew all over the carpet! I had stepped out for one minute into the kitchen and gah- we have a huge disaster on our hands. Poor Gigi she’s going to have to rip the entire carpet out! Aye, aye, aye! Boys! Jude earlier this week threw his car into the blender while I had my back turned while making pancakes! I was grabbing some raspberries and  while my back was turned he threw in his car and I blended it up. Shards of metal and plastic… there goes breakfast! I try to laugh about it but it makes the present moment hard to enjoy sometimes.






Golfingbrothers-3264 IMG_3302We had so much fun golfing together, gives us something to look forward to in the future!



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