South Fork Stroll

Royalhiking-36925 June 2014

Hello handsome Ro! We had so much fun on our nature walk the other night. I’ve gotten a little behind on the blog. Ryan has been doing some traveling over the last two weeks, so I’ve just been beat by the time night rolls around. Last week he was in Minnesota for the weekend, and this week he’s out in Calfiornia. It was so nice to have him home for a day or two, I especially miss him at night. I still have multiple kids waking up at night so it’s nice to have a teammate through the evening time!  Lately my thing has been having Jude get sick from drinking the pool water. He was puking up the other night because of it and I’m worried tonight I’ll have the same problem. 




Everyone has been getting a lot of swimming time in at the pool. The boys are getting the hang of putting their face in the water.  Jude seems to get distracted easily looking underwater because it seems to me that he’s almost forgetting to take breaths! He’ll gladly stay under water for a minute or two and pop up not even out of breath or gasping. He has all the life guards at the pool we go to stumped.




Finn is as precious as ever. He keeps asking dad about ‘the special job’ that he’s trying to get. They love big french toast breakfasts, his favorite super hero is Batman right now, and every night the boys each get a story. They have even started to request certain types of stories. Jude’s favorite are bike crashing stories and Finn’s favorite usually involve a super hero, transformer, or bears. He’s a funny kid. 

Royallayinginthewildgrass-3728 Royal, ‘the bear’ as I often call him is in full toddler mode now. He is very spirited. We have definitely hit the time out is needed daily stage.  We are in full teaching mode.  No throwing food, no standing on the counter, no pouring water out of the tub, no hitting mom, no hitting your brothers… This guy can fend for himself, and he’s a tough mcguffy for sure! His tantrum tears honestly though illicit more laughter than anything. If anyone is the drama queen in the family it’s definitely Royal. He is still incredibly tender and is by far our biggest kisser. Whenever anyone gets hurt or the boys are crying Royal will go up to them and give them a kiss. He is precious. Royallookingcreek-3739

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  1. Thank you for posting these, and for capturing these wonderful memories with the camera. Amazing! They are all at such a precious age.

    • Thanks Lelers!! I wish I had your outfit planning skills, the girls have been in some seriously cute clothes lately!! We are so excited for some cousin time! Only a month away, ya!

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