Enjoying the Great Outdoors

FireFinnsmoke-35747 June 2014

The outdoors are really coming alive for Finn lately. I can really feel how liberating it is for him to be outside. Finn is such a responsible child that in doors he’s never pushing back against the rules. It’s nice to be able to take him outside where there are no rules. I think it’s good for his mind. He has been so happy on our adventures. Today he found as he said, “100 snails!” He loves finding little creatures, Finn is an incredibly easy child to parent. I think it would be almost a challenge to mess him up, he needs such little guidance. We planted flowers in the back yard and he did such a great job digging, then he watered. Kids just love family activities. I love having so many positive influenes around. Finn loved doing a family campfire and roasting marshmallows the night before Ryan left for California. In true boy fashion, Finn loved playing with fire.

FireRoyaltrail-3556‘The only pictures you regret taking are the ones you didn’t take!” So happy I was able to snap this as he sprinted after his older brothers. Every limb of his body filled with excitement and energy. Royal is doing a great job keeping up with his brothers. Thankfully Finn is so inclusive by nature that I think Royal will be easily included in their activities.

FireDad-3439Thanks for planning this fun outing Cheri. That was a lot of fun,  I’m looking forward to doing it again. Ryan has been in California and will most likely be there for another few days. He’s really working hard. This has been a hard year for us, and we are close to being able to start a new chapter. Life is so dynamic with highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns. I am starting to create a new paradigm in my mind that is probably most easily described as ’embracing life’. Forget the notion of what we expect our lives to look like and run with what is there. I’ve already found it very liberating.

Firemomboys2-3466FireFinnsmores-3531I’m sure by just looking at the blog it’s hard to imagine wanting life to ‘look’ any different. I think we all can and do -do this. I want my life to be planned, I want to know what meals I’m making, I want to know when my husband will be home, I want to know what trip is coming up-  what plans we have for the weekend…. where I am going to put Finn into school, etc. Right now, I don’t know and have any of those things in place and all of the sudden I feel like that’s okay. Life is offering a lot of other wonderful things.

RyanandJudecampfire-3502Speaking of wonderful things, have I mentioned these kick petutie exercise classes I have been going to with my brother Austin. We go to yoga twice a week, and we’re trying to get to pilates as well – Jude was sick from drinking too much pool water and was throwing up all night – so we didn’t quite make it to pilates this week but the yoga was great. Last week was my first time trying pilates and I have never been so sore. It was a killer, KILLER workout. Woah.  My brother Austin is covereted to pilates as well. Go Ausi.

Firetrailboys-3567One of the reasons I love those classes so much is I can take my kids and there is this great kids club for them to go play at. They have the best toys. Finn and Jude were so sad today we weren’t going, because today is Saturday. I just do them during the week. It’s really been a bright spot for me.

Firelonggrass-3553IMG_3463Royalcampfire-3434Sweet Ro.

HbRoCampfire-3492Have a great weekend. Much love from the Millers.


3 responses

  1. this looks like a blast!! I bet the boys were loving it. I love the picture of Jude & Ryan together – so happy. I’m sure the boys were in heaven. little kiddos + fresh air + roasting marshmallows…the best!! (good work finding those super long roasting sticks!!)

    I cannot wait to see you guys…and hug those little boys! miss you all so much. xo.

  2. …oh…and I love the “run with what is there” frame of mind. I think it’s a good way of living/thinking. Be happy where you are…keep looking forward, but enjoy where you’re at, and make the most of today. Good things are ahead for you guys – I’m sure of it! Love you!!

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