The Best Swimming Lessons

Swimlessons4Jude-391611 June 2014

The boys have been having such a great time at their swim lessons at Riverside. What a treat for each of the boys to have these private and group lessons. Jude pretty much takes over his group lessons, but the private lessons they get a lot out of. Finn especially has improved his swimming by leaps and bounds. Finn and Jude couldn’t be more polar opposites in the water: Finn (in the beginning) refused to get his face near the water, Jude can’t seem to keep his face above water! Having kids is so much. I have been enjoying Jude’s company so much, he’s doing so well lately. When he is sick it affects his capacity so much. I just hope desperately I can keep him healthy for a while. He’s making so much progress. Jude is a happy, happy kid. 


Man these teachers have amazing energy! I am such a huge advocate of teaching opportunites being done by other people. I think the role of parent versus teacher isn’t easily mixed. People always have so much more patient teaching other people’s kids than their own.

Swimlessons6Finn-3932Finn’s little body – poor thing! He was freezing. I purposely brought my camera today because it was overcast and nice for snapping some pictures – I didn’t even think with a colder pool that Finn wouldn’t be able to handle it. Today though he did so well, yesterday he didn’t have as much fun with the cold. Finn is so shy with the other kids in his group lessons. It’s interesting to see how he just watches. He loves to just sit back and observe what everyone else is doing. 


Barely staying above water, haha! He’s making progress swimming but in truth I have never been more worried about Jude and the water. He is so comfortable in the water and just wants to jump in – and will if someone isn’t watching every second. He also tends to get distracted looking under water and seems to forget to come up for air. The life guards at the pool are always leaning over and pulling his head above water. That kid. He goes a million miles an hour!

Swimlessons1Finn-3830Someone’s excited for the pool! Finn wore his googles all the way there, and as you saw he was too cold to swim. Jude’s confidence seems to be inspiring him more. 



Best swim teacher ever! Tomorrow is Finn’s last day so I’ll be sure to take my camera and get a few more pictures of him. He really does love it too. 

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  1. Oh, Finn! You really are so much like your dad! Finn’s response to the water is just like 25 years ago… Ryan all over again! And Jude, you wild little Norwegian! We are REALLY going to have to watch you at the lake this summer! Sounds like a family meeting is in order! 🙂 The more pairs of eyes we have on him the better! Mom

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