Our Crystal Cove Evenings

Birthdaybeachwalk3-4651July 1, 2014

Crystal Cove is nestled on the southern most part of Newport Beach nearly entering Laguna Beach. It is over three miles long with wide open beaches. It always surprises me how little people come here. During the summer you will find small segments where it will be bustling but as Newport beaches goes it’s pretty desolate. What I love most about it is how rugged the terrain is. Whenever I visit I leave feeling completely rejuvenated. There is something about nature whether it be the mountains or a natural beach like Crystal Cove that breathes air to the soul and gives a sense of peace. This is how we start every week with a Sunday evening walk at Crystal Cove. I really hope we can stay in the area, I could do this forever. We were nostalgic for California when we left a year ago, but nothing can describe the heart break of thinking back on Crystal Cove after leaving. Truth be told, I just didn’t think about it. It’s been incredible being back. 

Birthdaybeachwalk1-4786Jude has some serious head trauma going on! We got home from a long day of adventure and Jude was quite tired. After taking off his shoes by the door he literally tripped over his feet and face planted into the side of a wall right on the crown molding. You can imagine how hard he had to have hit to cause double black eyes. Aye, aye, aye. Ryan was at the library two blocks away and I called a few times and told him to RUN home. He left his books and sprinted home and made it home in about three minutes. I had never seen a goose egg so horrible as the one he had. I texted friends and family for suggestions. The resilience of children, very thankful we didn’t have to go the ER.

Birthdaybeachwalk-4742Speaking about being back at Crystal Cove, guess who’s officially back on the web. Woot, woot, woot! Hb is back boys. Ahhh finally the interents. haha!

CrystalCoveRyanandJude-4158Birthdaybeachwalk7-4809Finn has become a major treasure hunter at the beach. He’s brought home so much sea weed in the last two weeks. I don’t know why I let him bring it home with us but he is just so proud of his unique pieces that he finds, like this furry piece. He brought it home, gave it a bath and then let it sleep out beneath the stroller. Thankfully Ryan threw it away the next morning before he woke up because he still wanted to play with it. I think Finn really wants a pet snake. We went to the pet store today and pet the rabbits, oh man those furry creatures are so fun! The boys would get so much joy out of a little pet. Maybe we should start with a fish and work our way up, but a little fish isn’t that fun. Truth be told I want a pika. They are commonly found in the tibetan region and look like  prairie dog but they are more rabbit. I just found out that they don’t do well in temperatures about 70 degrees, darn it! You’ll just have to hold out to see what we intend to have for a pet, it’s going to be sweet though. Maybe a hedgehog.

Birthdaybeachwalk6-4782The boys have been having a hay day with their trucks lately. You should see our car, it is a sand machine. I am in the market for a hand held vacuum. We’d put that puppy to really good use.

CrystalCoveHb&Finn-4192We haven’t found a preschool for the boys yet, but I am hoping that by next week we’ll have found something! We are heading to Minnesota the day after tomorrow for just a few days this year. We always look forward to our time at the lake. We’ll have to make the most of it for just a few short days.

Birthdaybeachwalk10-4827 Birthdaybeachwalk4-4740Birthdaybeachwalk10-4827Lots of pictures!! You may just have to come back and finish this post in a while. Love watching the boys just be free at the beach.

Birthdaybeachwalk2-4625Royal is definitely a beach baby, gosh that kid is low maintenance at the beach. He’s a total natural out there.

JudeCrystalCove-4131Birthdaybeachwalk8-4821Finn was so funny walking back to the car with all of his treasure. I was trying to take a picture and he said, “Come on Mom! You won’t even be able to get a good shot. It’s dark!” haha. I almost peeled over with laughter. This kid is growing up.

CrystalCoveFinnJune-4100CrystalCoveRoyal-4239We have a thing with baby hair, it takes us a long time to cut it and Royal’s is no different. If anything I’ll probably be worse because it’s my last baby hair so he may just have flowing locks down his back by the time I finally do cut it. Birthdaycake1-4594This last weekend was Ryan’s birthday and we had a fun time celebrating. One picture from the party, it was a bit of a crazy weekend, I had a wedding the same morning down in San diego, but we had so much together! I got a cake from Susises. Oh so pretty. But as you can see in the picture, it looks a little off. Oh man, Jude got to it – big time! It still tasted good. No more cake for us, all my boys were crazy for days eating left over cake. 

Royaltub-4302We’ve got a clean baby bear!

Tubboys-4282Post beach tub. It feels good to be able to work on the blog again.


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