A Minnesota Fourth of July

MInnesota23toads-513810 July 2014

We just got back from our annual Summer trip to Minnesota and boy do we have a lot of pictures. I didn’t even think I took that many pictures this year, but I had a lot of shots to develop which is why I haven’t put up anything sooner, it’s taken me a while to sort through everything.  I had to start off the first of my Minnesota pictures with a recap about hunting for turtles and frogs. Finn pretty much was in heaven. They went frog hunting every night before bed with their head lamps on and a big bucket. Truth be told as much as we try to live and let live there were a few casualties. No turtle deaths, but a few frogs and fish didn’t make it! When we got to the airport to fly home we unloaded all the bags and found a little cup hiding in the far back, it had a tree frog in it with some branches and water. Finn was so resourceful trying to smuggle it in the car that we let him put the frog in a zip lock bag and try his luck getting it through security. I found a bag in the middle seat and said, “Here put it in this.” Finn’s response had me laughing, “Great idea mom!”  Well, we now have a pet frog. We’ll see how long he lasts. So far he’s still kicking, despite sprinting to the gate and a lay over in Phoenix where he was shaken constantly back and forth. Oh man! At one point, despite all of our heeding warnings to not open up his Superman lunch box that contained the frog he couldn’t resist and evidently opened up the ziplock bag because every time he stood up the Superman lunch box leaked water getting everywhere. By the end of the flight I definitely wasn’t smell particularly great. We’ll see how long he lasts eating crickets.

MInnesota21Froghunters-5121Evening turtle hunt. The boys were on quite the late schedule in Minnesota especially with our west coast time zone.

MInnesota27-5199This year was our first time saning with the boys. Ryan and I tried it a few times first and then Mark came down and did a few attempts in really deep water. We caught a lot of little fish and a few bigger crappie fish as well. The fun thing about fishing in Minnesota is you don’t have to wait long before you catch a fish. Royal loves animals, he’s so gentle with everything: fish, turtles, dogs, babies. We would catch a fish and then want to kiss it.

MInnesota25-5181IMG_5162 IMG_5175Our fish kisser, Royal James.

MInnesota22FIsh-5218Royalkissingfish-5257Turtle hunting this year was a success as well. We tried two locations, but our turtle hunt cove ended up being our successful spot. They caught two and had three really close escapes. The close ups of the turtles will have to come next post. Royal with these painted turtles is a hoot. Jude caught a small snapper this trip.

MInnesota28froghunting-4967Royal talking about the turtles in the boat after I switched spots with Uncle Clayton. I went on the first location, and Royal and I stayed in the boat for the next spot.

Minnesota1-4907IMG_4891 IMG_4892Thanks for coming on the turtle hunt Uncle Clayton!



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