Minnesota Family

MInnesota19-509312 July 2014

I couldn’t fit all the details of our Minnesota trip into one post so here comes number two. Here is a shot of a few of the people that made up our Minnesota trip. Sitting out on the dock feeling the wind come off the lake is my favorite place to be while I’m at Blue Lake. Ryan’s brother Mark and his family were there the entire time we were. It was a treat to spend more time with them than usual, typically we only overlap for a day or two. He always has such a busy schedule. Poor Grandma Cindy had to work a few of the days we were there, but we still made time for some fun times. It was a fun trip.

MInnesota26-5041Jude’s special friend this trip was Harper. They were two peas in a pod exploring Grandma Cindy’s yard.

MInnesota20-5096Sorry for so many booty shots, but this how Jude rolls in Minnesota. We put his pants on multiple times a day but he seemed to always be naked! Those floaties are such a peace of mind for me, the water in the lake gets murky especially once the grass in the lake starts to grow so if someone fell in it’d be hard to see. Thankfully Cindy had a lot of life jackets on hand. Water and babies can be stressful!

Minnesota3-5013One afternoon Peter’s parents drove up from Wisconsin. As you can tell from the picture Grandpa Jim is quite a character!

MInnesota30-5076 MInnesota31-5067 MInnesota32-5090Fun trip! Of course we were out on the boat, no epic boat stories this year. Every year we have some sort of boat fiasco! A few years ago I almost flipped the boat, a year ago it almost sank and we had to drive almost on shore but got it out of the water in time, of course there was the hornet year – where the hornets took over the boat! This year, nothing! No fiascos! I will refrain from doing an entire post of everyone’s moves skiing and share a few. Starting with the wipe out- photo courtesy of Uncle Mark!

IMG_5651This was my first time to Blue Lake and the water temperature was still really nice. We usually go in August.

IMG_5612Ryan is really becoming a beautiful skier. Such great form mon petit chou!

IMG_5656Until next time!

2 responses

  1. Haven’t seen a naked butt in almost a week! One of these years the granddaughter will begin to comment on their cousins’ clothing choices! Great skiing pictures–various stages of insanity. Feed that frog. Come back soon!

  2. Heath, great shots. It is impossible for me to go waterskiing or even think about it without reminiscing about our good times at Vega. You’ve still got it!!!! xoxo

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