Touching Base Around Here


20 July 2014

My hard drive is completely full on my computer so I haven’t been able to upload anything from my camera. I need to track down our hard drives, I upload everything to the cloud and to a hard drive – and I just have to do the latter. Since we’ve moved back to California every night I’ve told myself I’m going to do it – clean my hard drive but I just haven’t yet. It’s a big project, I’m hoping to tackle it before the end of the weekend.  Here are a few shots from our phone on the go. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the boys, Ryan has been studying a lot so we’ve had some pretty long days the four or us. 

unnamed-14 We’ve been biking around balboa more. Even though it’s still July it hasn’t been too busy with tourists. The boys do well riding their bikes around and we stop at the public beach access and they run around and play in the water.  I push Royal around in the stroller, I’ve been resisting the balboa bars, but I noticed the last time I was there they have chocolate vanilla swirls, and officially I have a major soft spot for a small twist cone. I’m not sure what it is but it’s very satisfying. 

unnamed-15These shots from my phone I can just download right off the internet so it doesn’t require computer storage. I’ll try to do another post with some real shots sooner than later.

unnamed-8The creek down below our apartment has been a really fun daily spot for us to go visit. This afternoon we were there and I waded around the upper part of the river and I spotted the biggest crawdad I’ve seen yet, it seriously looked to be the size of a real small lobster. Is it even possible for them to get that big. It was pretty exciting.

photo-3The boys and I have been doing some walks during the day at Crystal Cove by ourselves, trying to add to our sea glass collection.

photo-2The boys and I found a new hair cut place on 17th Street here in Newport beach and that place I’m finding out is packed with so many gems. That’s where one of our new favorite donut shop place is, thanks Kaitlyn for the introduction. I took the boys after and I told myself I was only going to get one for me and one for the boys to share and I really thought I could stick to my word but I got in there and they had like three new kinds. Well we walked out with four and somehow Ryan still didn’t manage to get any. I am on official donut monster.

unnamed-10Our birthday evening walk after cake and pizza. I was so happy. So happy. I could’t resist just full on running with the boys on the beach ]. We were seriously jumping around. I knew we didn’t have our camera either, so I thought I was free to be as wild or silly as I wanted but Ryan grabbed this on his phone. I’ve noticed talking with Finn lately that he really thinks I can do anything, he is so precious. I can’t believe he looks up to me,  it’s going to be a sad day when he sees me as weak. I hope I can keep that day away as long as possible. 


I’ve taken the boys up hiking El Moro Canyon and it’s been an absolute blast! The boys can ride their bikes up and we can cover way more ground. We stop and talk to lots of people so that’s a lot of fun for me. We have to stop at every hole we see though.


unnamed-7 unnamed-6 unnamed-5 unnamed-4Royal loves wearing my sunglasses in the car! Ryan has been waking up early and going on some rides on his bike before hitting the books. I love my man in spandex. Not going to lie, I really do dig biking clothes. 


Been playing our new piano a lot. Ryan got my a piano for my birthday, it’s been tuned and everything. I ordered a few of my favorite books off amazon and I’m on it a lot the time. Finn and I have been learning one thing on the piano every day. This concert pianist came and tuned the piano, it was a funny story. He usually doesn’t tune pianos but he lives in Newport too so took our case, I don’t think he’s worked on a old piano like ours in decades. I loved talking to him about living in New York  and Germany, he plays in the symphony. 


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