A Cloud Covered Sky

SundaywalkAugust14-64783 August, 2014

We had rain this weekend for the first time since we moved back to California. It’s been lovely watching the clouds roll in and tonight was no exception. I have had this beastly cough that won’t seem to go away and my energy hasn’t quite been what it usually is so tonight I had no intention of bringing the camera and just planned on having a really mellow walk. On a whim I grabbed it not planning on shooting much tonight but I’m so glad I brought it. The clouds were breath taking and I’m really excited about a few of these shots. Finn pilfered a sand bucket from the trash and it became the crab bucket. We caught a few small ones in the tide pools and it was a lot of fun. There’s really no better way for us to start our week then with our evening walk at Crystal Cove. We went to reef point tonight to enjoy the tide pools, there was a little bit of a surf break and there were some people out enjoying the surf. It was a nice change.

SundaywalkAugust1-6343The boys have been getting soo sandy when we go lately. Head, toes, ears underwear sand is always everywhere now. Which I’m okay with but I don’t quite remember when we made the shift from walking on the beach to rolling in the sand but we have.

SundaywalkAugust9-6445Jude’s rabbit pose/head stand in action. We’re always doing lots of hand stands at home. He was looking pretty smooth tonight.

SundaywalkAugust16-6354Finn knew what he was doing tonight, Superman lunch box in toe. Jude has informed me that he wants a ‘Spiderman back pack’ for preschool. I was reflecting this afternoon how far Jude has come in the last year. He brought me this art book I have and he said, “Mom this guy has an apple on his face!’ Every day he’s coming up with more and more complex sentences and he’s using them right. It makes me so happy.

Finn really operates on his own program these days, he’s become really independent. On the beach tonight he was a few hundred yards ahead of us just taking everything in.

SundaywalkAugust7-6436So many pictures of Royal lately, he’s really changing fast now.  Finn made the official observation that, ‘Royal is obsessed with Curious George.” This is 100% true, it’s funny I never fully realized how much Curious George stuff we have until Royal started bringing me everything multiple times a day. All the books, the stuffed animal, the jack in the box George – all the while screaming in what can only be interpreted as ‘George’.


SundaywalkAugust5-6517I read a blog post about the importance of getting in front of the camera and I feel like I am fairly good at that although I definitely hang back more often than not. So tonight when Ryan asked for the camera I was thinking, “Okay I know I shared that article with you but ohhh man I’m a little sick, no make up, and totally just in lounge clothes – here goes nothing.”

SundaywalkAugust12-6465Checking out the hermit crabs. It has definitely been shorts weather here lately, hot! It’s going to cool down a little this next week which will be nice.

SundaywalkAugust6-6514Whoops! Didn’t expect the water to be coming up that high. Every time we go to the beach it amazes me how different it is. The tide wasn’t that high last time I was there.

SundaywalkAugust11-6458Nothing like a little more freedom to breathe when you get stressful things like the bar over with. After taking the test, I think the whole experience proved far less intimidating then the imagination had conjured up.

SundaywalkAugust8-6419In my mom mode. I saw this and had to laugh, well this is classic. Royal was over there asking to kiss all the crabs every second – my goodness!

SundaywalkAugust13-6470This one is definitely my beach baby. He loves it.

SundaywalkAugust2-6392I like being sandy. It’s become my sign for a good time. Our neighbors tonight finally siad,  ” So…you guys sure seem pretty right at home for people from MN that haven’t been here so long.” We explained that we lived close by and you could see the ah-ha, that’s why you guys seem like complete locals.


SundaywalkAugust4-6526The sunset tonight, wow! When that sun emerged from those clouds it was like the entire sky turned gold. I didn’t even play with my colors on this shot below.

SundaywalkAugust15-6506Ryan and I both have just felt beat after swimming in the ocean yesterday. We met up with some friends and went free diving. I went out with Ryan once while Cory and his nice date Andy watched the boys. It was magnificent so many fish, neither of us had weights on us so we were too buoyant to really dive, but Ryan did much better then me. He was able to dive down into this sweet cave. He saw a lobster crawling on the ocean floor, we weren’t quite able to catch it. That would have been so sweet! I want to catch a lobster so bad. Ryan can’t fall asleep easily so when I saw him out cold on the couch I couldn’t resist documenting it. He’s suggested that I try out wearing some ear plugs around the house. He said ‘it just helps cut down the pain from the incessant screaming from the boys’.  Looks like it helps you sleep better toon. 



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