Biking in the hills

ElMoroCanyonride1-60773 August 2014

It’s so great to be blogging again! Ryan had the bar this week and took the computer up to LA, many of these are from a few days ago. It’s so nice having the bar done temporarily, we spent the whole day at the beach with friends. We all really missed Ryan, Royal was asking for dad everyday.  One of my favorite outings with the boys has been to go to El Moro Canyon adjacent Crystal Cove and let the boys ride their bikes. They are getting stronger every time we go and this last time we made it up the steep side so we could enjoy some ocean views. The boys have really started becoming very very dirty on our outings. Our car has become very familiar to sand and dirt. I’ve been working hard in the evenings to get our apartment really clean before the start of the next day and it’s been nice to enjoy but nearly every day I’m amazed at the havoc that the boys wreak over the course of a morning, let alone the entire day. I’ve come to new point where I’ll just leave most of the mess until the end of the day and it’s saving my sanity when I’m inside.


ElMoroCanyonride2-6102These boys are a lot of fun, they take a lot of energy but a lot of days I have it. The days I don’t have it always feel really long.








Hangingout7-6207Crazy kid! I can’t keep Royal James in his cirb no matter how much I try. He just loves crawling out and playing with his brothers. I forgot what a challenge this stage can be. We’ve finally resorted to taking down one of the sides of his crib.







Wild things! Royal has a diaper on, but he loves the fish on the swimmers and is always asking me to put one on.





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