Shells, shells and more shells!

Finnshell-653712 August 2014

My camera body is having some major technical difficulties. I think my sensor may have died. So depressing, we’ve had it now for five years and we’ve really got our use out of it. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to remedy this situation quickly but on the off chance I don’t- if the blog seems incredibly struggs – you’ll know why. The boys are running around making messes but I’m in the mood for a little blogging so I’m going to put up a post quickly. This morning I had pilates, I’ve been splitting my exercise time between pilates and yoga and I really enjoy how they complement each other. I have gotten to know quite a few people in my classes and I look forward to visiting with my friends from class. This morning most of my friends are in their 70’s, but I have two younger girls I chat with as well. There is definitely more camaraderie in my Pilates classes because we are all dying, between harmonious grunts and sighs we bond. It’s always a challenge with the kids getting food that is actually good fuel aside from the easy to grab hand to mouth snacks. Yesterday I didn’t do well eating you know the, ‘good nutritional value foods’ and I was dying in my late evening yoga class, just dripping, dripping with sweat. I came home and told Ryan, ‘Popcorn not a good lunch!’.  The worst is when you get sweat in your eyes and it stings. I have to make bringing a towel a daily thing.  The boys and I went on a new walk through our community and down to the park that’s just a few blocks away, the park is so easy and so fun for the kids. Easiest outing ever.  It’s going to be a great supplement to our outings. I think it took a little more out of me than I realized because boy did I suffer yesterday!


BIG NEWS! I am so excited to announce that the boys are enrolled in preschool! They will be starting September 9th. Their school is right around the corner from our house. It’s a community sponsored program so we can afford it, but I’ve hear good things about it through friends and neighbors. We signed them up for it last week at 8 am. There were only 16 spots and they go fast. I had been having nightmares about missing the registration for weeks- or registering too slow and not getting a spot. Well I called officially and they said they’re enrolled. Finn goes three times a week and Jude will go twice a week. Most of the preschools around here are incredibly expensive and even if we could pay, there are no spots available. You need to be signed up on average a year in advance (at least!) if not years prior. I watched Jude in primary yesterday, and he actually sat in his seat the entire time. That is a big improvement 0pposed to weeks previous when he had to be held by his teacher in her lap the entire time. If they can handle Jude I’m going to be beside myself with happiness. If he gets kicked out…again. I’ll be broken hearted but we’ll run with it and try to make the best of things.

Royal loves sitting in some of the pools and just sampling the seaweed. Every time we go to the beach someone turns to me and says, ‘Your baby is trying the seaweed!’ I know, I know, he doesn’t actually eat it. He just seems to want to try it. There’s Ro, trying some seaweed.

Royalseaweed-6557I’ve been making more of an effort in the kitchen, baking a lot more and it’s been great having some treats.


Prettyshell-6546With all our outings to the beach we’re always bringing home lots of fun seashells. We always have a few soaking above the fridge in a bowl of bleach.  The bleach method seems to kill the smell but it hasn’t helped get them white. Anyone have any ideas?

unnamed-1When you go to Corono Del Mar, it’s the oddest thing but you won’t get sandy. You get ‘shelly’. The beach around the tide pools are just tons of crushed sea shells. It’s such a different feeling. I couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture because I wanted to talk to Ryan about the texture of the shells later. My salt water sandals are officially a favorite of mine. They are strapped to my feet so they don’t fall off in the ocean and the leather gets softer and softer the more you wear them. They say the salt waters are great for the beach but I hadn’t had a pair and I put them on the boys all the time, and they seemed to hold up great. I just never knew exactly how comfortable they were. Now, I know having worn mine for the last six months. These things are awesome. I am hard on shoes, but especially these guys. I am climbing all over the rocks at the beach, walking in the sand and ocean and they look pretty much the same as when I bought them. The leather has gotten softer. I’m a salt water fan.  And… did I mention I got these for $25 off Amazon.

lobster-3We found a lobster in one of the tide pools, we thought he may have just been injured because he was body and shells were all intact. He wasn’t though. The boys got to see what a small lobster looks like though.

Beachwalk-Ryan snapped this on his phone on our evening beach walk. Royal James is a happy boy. The boys were mauling me like bears!

-4The last time Ryan went out diving with Cory and Jacob he caught a lobster! I guess he saw a lot of them. He caught another one but it escaped at the surface. We know, it’s not lobster season yet. Ryan let him go, he just wanted to catch one for fun. Ryan has been really resourceful acquiring his diving set up. His old school suit and mask were like $20! Diving has been a great Saturday activity with friends, they can help us watch the kids and we all get a chance to look at the fish. The beaches are crowded so you just head into the ocean, I’ve learned though next time I’m definitely wearing my hood. Swimming in the ocean with waves swirling around, makes for lots of knots in your hair! It was the biggest birds nest you have ever seen! Great lobster love, seriously can’t believe I missed it. I would have been dying!!


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  1. Loved catching up with your darling, amazing family!! We were at Little Corona that week, we saw all those urchin shells too. So beautiful! I’d love to get together soon! 9492354032

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