Big Surf Week


27 August 2014

Things are really starting to fall into place here at home in the O.C. Building a new life takes a lot of time, our apartment is feeling more like home than it ever has. Ryan has had a lot of progress on the job hunt and it’s really encouraging, he’s really gotten in front of some good people. Last night we went and did a late evening walk on the beach. We were the only car in the parking lot, and literally had the beach to ourselves. It was so serene. It felt so good to be looking at the boys from behind the camera. I really needed it. It feels like someone has physically pumped sanity into my blood and brain.  It’s hard to articulate, but there is something about watching the boys from behind the camera that creates that sudden sensation. All of the sudden this job of raising three boys doesn’t feel so crazy or impossible.

Finnthrowingsandsunset-6815I won’t share too many pictures. I like the blog to document but the physical act of taking pictures has become more therapeutic for me more than actually sharing my pictures. Finn was having a ball throwing sand into the water and running away. I love just throwing the boys in some sweats and we jump out of the car and we all just sprint through the tunnel and emerge onto the beach. Finn and Jude just run down the beach hundreds of yard ahead. I love Jude’s gait. He gave his first talk in primary in Sunday and he walked up to the microphone with not an ounce of timidity and said, “I’m Jude Miller” I like Sunday. He had the entire primary class giggling and laughing. I don’t know what he was saying or what sounds he was making but I think it was the three year old equivalent to rude potty sounds. 

RoandMomSunset-6807Thanks for taking this love.  Still making an effort to get in front of the camera and not fussing over the ‘right’ settings. Speaking of getting in front of the camera, I took some shots of Ryan the other night. I think this head I shot I got of him is definitely an improvement from what we were using previously.




3 responses

  1. Love this! Hooray for progress and a sense of home. Let’s really get together next week? I’ll email you and we can make a plan! That shot of you and Royal is exquisite. I love it so, so much.

  2. Every time I see shots of HB and Royal I think how wonderful it is that Heather got a little boy who looks just like her. It makes my heart smile! Terrific shot of Ryan! Love story of running through the tunnel onto the beach… I remember that tunnel and beach so well! It really should be YOURS! You have spent countless hours there; that beach belongs to those boys! All the great discoveries and hours running wild and exploring. Thanks for the post….. Fills my bucket! Mom

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