Dinner with Friends

Hb&Kaitlin-72301 September 2014

Happy Labor Day!! We’re just wrapping up our banana pecan pancake feast, the boys are are always quite feisty in the morning. Heaven help me in the mornings, the little boys roaring every which way you turn! We are just rocking out to some music and I thought I’d throw these pictures up here quickly while Jude pokes me with a pig figurine and makes ‘oink’ sounds. I almost had this post done but I fell asleep mid blog post, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and it was only 11 o’clock! We had a fun weekend spending time friends. Last night my good friend Kailin and her husband came over with their two boys. We ate A LOT of food and then we went and did our Sunday evening beach walk together. Kaitlin and I spend a lot of time together, but typically during the week so I hadn’t seen Dustin in over year and they hadn’t seen Ryan, it was fun catching up with everyone. The boys sprinted up and down the beach racing each other the entire night. Hudson and Finn are the exact same size, little and fast! It was the first time in over the week that the swell has been down. The water is the warmest I have ever felt it here in SoCal, all the boys were wading into the ocean, which makes me a little nervous but the tide was really low until it started coming back in again. Parker, the O’Malley’s youngest loved the water! It was a really fun night finished off with some Kaitlin’s pumpkin pie on the beach.

OMalleyscandid-7212Look at that inviting water! I’m telling you, every time we go to the ocean it’s a new beach.

Parker-7188We had some dark clouds! It feels like fall is coming. The temperature along the coast does drop significantly in the winter, and it also looks as if it’s going to be an El Ninjo weather pattern so lots more rain.

Parker4-7196I just took pictures for a few minutes, you know how I enjoy it. Parker is a happy baby, I wanted to get one cute picture of their whole family. That’s always a challenge with small kids.

OMalleyscandid2-7204Kaitiln and I share a lot of the same hobbies and interests. We both love a good salad. Between the two of us we both made two huge salads for dinner. She made a kale lentil salad and I did a big greek tortellini salad. It was so filling.

Parker3-7235Katilin and I having a blast being silly on the beach. Gosh that was fun! Surrounded by small babies and still trying to be fun. Kaitlin’s awesome.

OMalleysfamily-7208I think this one is my favorite one of the four of them. Wiggly boys!

Parker2-7189Our Sunday night at the beach! Thanks for making the (small) drive down to see us! We love you guys!

While I am on the blog, I thought I’d put a few more things up. The boys officially LOVE the library. Jude is beginning to know his surroundings well, and we’ll often drive past the Newport Beach library on the way down the beach and he always says, “There’s the library!” And Finn will say, “Where?” By that time we’ll have already passed it and the next five minutes of dialogue is trying to convince Finn that Jude was telling the truth.

LibraryRyanboys-7129Our Tustin library we loved, but it was small and super busy. The Newport Beach library, it’s incredible. I’ve started going in the evening after some of my yoga classes to drop off and pick up new stuff without the boys. I got a few fun fictional reads, ever since the boys threw the kindle in the tub I have been out of my routine of reading. Nothing like diving into reading after a few months off. Ryan has been reading this great sailing series by Patrick O’brien. The first one is called Master and Commander if you’ve ever seen the movie with Russel Crowe. He’s been sharing a few nuances from the books and it sounds like an amazing read. I would love to read that series sometime, I just finished Princess Academy, so cute! I just love those pure and endearing characters, so full of goodness! It had been on my list for a year, and I passed it and thought here’s my chance. I’m just starting this new book called ‘Deep Dish’.  Aunt Emily, I saw on good reads you just finished The Fault in My Stars. It sounds like you really liked it. I need to pick that up, I’m all about a good love story.


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  1. That library is gorgeous! I love an open, pretty library. So many are so dingy and stuffy. I haven’t been on goodreads much lately, because I’ve been out of the reading routine, too, but after reading The Fault in our Stars, I decided to put it back as a priority! 🙂

  2. Beautiful beach, beautiful families. Glad to hear you’re making the library a priority in the boys’ lives. I used to hit it about twice a week when our kids were little, pulling our red wagon full of books. I still believe it made a huge impact on their reading and language skills. You’re the best, both of you!

  3. Heather! Love your blog and all the pictures. Can I get the pictures you took at my sister’s wedding? I think you got some great shots and I’m dying to see them. thanks, love!

    • Hi Jenna!!

      Yes I have them! I will get them to you tomorrow, there are definitely some cute ones. I meant to put them up on the blog, but somehow I never got them posted! Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been meaning to e-mail those out to Aunt Tamera.

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