Jude’s First Day of Preschool

Jude'firstdayofpreschool-74459 September 2014

Today was Jude’s first day of preschool, and he did great! They said he was good! The staff said they can work with Jude. They acknowledged that Jude does have a hard time sitting still, but I think this is the perfect environment for him to model kids and learn what’s expected in a large group setting. Jude thrives on the one on one time. However, he doesn’t understand how to not take over. He will learn though. He brought home a pair of home made binoculars. I have never seen him so excited to show me something. It was precious. Tomorrow Finn goes, so that will be a little challenging explaining that Finn goes M,W,F and Jude goes on Tues and Thurs.

Judesfirstdayofpreschool2-7460Post pilates this monring, the sun was up bright and early! Jude wasn’t shy at all about going to school.

IMG_7479Bye, bye Jude! Have fun playing with the trucks and the kid! He had such a cute classroom.


Happyboyjude-7386Congratulations sweet Jude on your first day of preschool! Finn was coaching him the entire time on the way over there with tips like: “No throwing books at other kids heads!” It was too funny. Ryan and I’s tips were more like, “KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!” You cannot take your pants off at school, no peeing outside, and listen to your teachers!

Here are a few more pictures, that I have been meaning to share. We’ve been spending a lot more time at Balboa due to the big surf. On big surf days I prefer a little more calm beach. I just feel like the ocean can be really unpredictable on big surf days and even though my boys don’t play in the water much it can come up high. So Balboa has been a great option. We go and walk and have the boys ride their bikes, it’s a 3 mile walk around the whole island. We did it the other day as a family. After our walk, we went and got hippo cookies, and a chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. It was the best. The boys and I have made hippo cookies a must after every beach day there. Finn likes the red ones and Jude likes green or yellow. They have some great donuts too at Dad’s. I tried their applesauce doughnut last time and it was so nice and light. Incredibly cheep too. I can get snacks for everyone because it’s pretty cheap.

Balboafinnandjude-7298Jude is watching the crabs below. I like walking little balboa when I’m by myself because there are less people and then I don’t feel guilty about the boys riding their bikes like maniacs.

balboaswirlhb-7322Ryanbalboaphone-7312Royaltalkingporch-7279The many expressions of Royal James right now. He is definitely spirited in this true toddler phase. He bounces from all manner of moods and manners with the snap of your fingers.

Royalhidingcards-7280Royal plays the bashful card quite a bit. We had a friend over for dinner tonight and she works in nursery with him. It was so cute to see him run up to her and give her a hug. Amazing how smart kids are, Royal is definitely smart. He knows he can get what he wants from his mom if he plays his cards right. Disciplining, setting boundaries, and time outs – they’re no fun. I know it’s part of life, and definitely need to be apart of this 22 months life more.

Royalthrowingcards-7275Roar!! “I will throw this card at your face because I am in the mood to do that. We were sitting on the porch waiting for Finn and Jude to get their shoes on.


3 responses

  1. AAHHHH! such a great post! I just love seeing those little boys’ faces! I can’t believe how much Royal is growing up. He is such a cutie…those expressions!!! YAY for JUDE!!! Huge day for you guys! I’m so happy for the little guy – he will love preschool, I’m sure! He really is such a sweet, tender little guy & will love learning…and it’s totally ok not to sit still…he’ll love all the excitement of school! My favorite part of this post: “No throwing books at other kids heads!” HAHAHAHA! Don’t you just love listening to the kids coach each other? It’s the best!! The things they come up with…too funny! Love you guys!

  2. Heather, thank you so, so, much for this post! Jude looks so excited! Love the photos of the bear too! Hope Finn has a great first day today! Love you all!

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