Crabs on Balboa

Catchingcrabsonbalboa-759813 September 2014

Catching crabs this afternoon down on Balboa was a lot of fun. We are in the middle of a heat wave and I am so glad we live on the Coast. If we were inland I would be stuck inside all day. It has been toasty! Finn had his first week at school this week along with Jude and Finn is loving it. I am loving the change of pace as well, so thankful for preschool. Our little place is suddenly easier to manage now having a big chunk of time in the mornings with one less child.

Judemessy-7609An outing on Balboa is one of those outings where you put very little work into it but you get a lot out of it. The boys ride their bikes around the island and I don’t have to worry about crossing streets, or hitting people. When it’s just the boys and I we usually keep to the little island because it is so quiet. We have our favorite spot to catch crabs and there is some grass. Today when I was over the wall catching the crabs I saw the biggest crab I have ever seen -wild that is. I engaged the creature but lost my nerve, his pincers were so big I thought for sure when I got pinched that I’d have a real problem. This guy wouldn’t just be giving me a pinch he’d out blood if not my entire finger. After he slipped through the water I was just dying with frustration and spent the next 15 minutes trying to find him again.  Thoughts like, “I at least should have tried, or I could have used a stick – my shirt!” I realized I had a sports bra underneath and was just livid I didn’t catch this creature!! It would have been SO fun for the boys. Nothing compared to these small crabs! Gah! It’s my way of trying to create special moments with my kids I guess, that stupid crab has been on my mind for hours – too funny.

watchingcrabs-7595Royal sure did love our small crabs though. He kept giggling and laughing. Royal is King of the house hold. He definitely gets what he wants, a little too much!There’

Finn'sfirstday-7481There’s Finn heading into his first day!

IMG_7486I just can’t believe this picture -these boys are kids. Even Royal looks so big to me. Oh man! We have a lot of fun together now, but I really think things are going to just get better and better. Royal is the hardest part of my day, trying to get him to take a nap, and the constant mood swings. Once he comes out of this toddler stage things really will be a lot easier. Royal has a lot of interest in the toilet and goes on it sporadically during the day and cries when I have to put a diaper on him. He is far from being potty trained but he definitely understands the concept. I just want a little more communication capacity before we try that. I am more than willing to let him run around commando in the apartment.

library3-7144The children’s area at the Newport library is great. We are lucky that there are limitless fun outings to go on.

library2-7165library5-7142A little update on me, I went to my first hot yoga class. That was an experience. Over a hundred degrees. It was a lot more enjoyable than I expected and it felt good to sweat so much out. It really smelled good in the studio – it reminded me of getting a facial at aveda. Tea tree oil.  My skin feels a lot better. I’m going to try and add one hot class to my other somewhat busy weekly exercise schedule. Too many fun classes.

I have been really feeling happy. I tend to be pretty happy, almost always but to really ‘feel’ it all the way down…. now that’s a whole different matter. We’ve been able to have a lot of people over lately, and I just thrive off having a lot of energy in the house. I’ve loved enjoying such lively conversation, it’s been a change of pace from just our family. We’ve been lucky to have a lot of visitors. I’m usually not one for the mood swings, but I have been a little up and down.  Laughing so hard, and then later that day bursting into tears. Not mad, or angry just sensitive: a romantic ad – or passing thoughts about my kids. The other night I was telling Ryan about my evening with the boys:  I was looking at Finn while we were talking at dinner and we were reminiscing about how much he loved the mice in Cinderella when he was a baby and he was laughing and looking up and me- and I could make out his little bald head baby self. Describing it to Ryan.. it was too much. All of the sudden I was sobbing on the couch. I’m really not the overly sentimental type, if anything I’m more the type that says these kids can grow up a touch faster. This is a little painful! Finn has made an effort lately of letting me kiss him more, I think he knew I’ve been nostalgic. A toddler Finn shot for you.


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  1. I love this post! one of the girls’ favorite golden books is ‘a day at the seashore’ – and I always think of your boys when we read the part about ‘catching little crabs…if you’re quick!’ – so great. your boys are going to have the greatest memories from their childhood. you guys are great!! love you all & miss you so much.

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