A Crystal Clear Day

RyanandJacobdiving-7772September 21, 2014

We had one of our best beach days yet this weekend! The weather has been just incredible and the visibility in the water has been pretty much as good as it gets. The tide was really low today and was perfect for diving and tide pool hunting. Ryan went out with our friend Jacob. Ryan scuba dived today and all of his gear worked well, he just had a little hard time with getting his weight right, but other than that his set up worked well. They saw some great things out there today: sea turtles, a massive bat ray, and a small octopus.

Boysplaying-7785Judeswimmingtidepool-7807While dad went out with Jacob diving, the boys and I dug our hole and found wild life along the beach. There were so many shells. We found a lot of huge hermit shells filled with these large mussels. Everyone got a lot of sun, a little too much. We didn’t expect to have such a fun time and if you spend the whole day at the beach it definitely shows apposed to two or three hours.

Boysplaying2-7769Ryan brought back a great abalone shell! It’s so pretty. I found a pretty sweet shell myself! Check it out!

Tidepoolshells3-7876This is what Ryan found.


Hb&boystidepools-7823I found this sweet shell!

Tidepoolshells1-7866They are so pretty!

tidepoolshell3-7861Tidepools3-7822Royal had a dirty diaper so we did some changes but he refused his new diaper.

One response

  1. Oh-oh! Another nudist? I thought Jude was the only one! Funny. That Royal sure has the expressions! The blue of the ocean is so amazing! The seashell a huge score! Glad you’re out to the beach and having some family relaxation. HB, you need to get your matchmaking hat on and find that Jacob a sweet girlfriend. He’s a nice-looking young man!

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