Laguna Evening Walk

Royalriding2-7661September 21, 2014

We did a family walk together this weekend and had a great time up in the hills above Laguna. Royal has been really coming into his own, wanting more than ever to be able to keep up with the boys. He’s been loving getting on the strider and he’s really got the concept, he just needs time and the speed will come. Today he copied everything Jude did.

There’s a lot of of pictures, it was just lovely and it felt so good to be shooting. I hope these aren’t too overkill.

Royalriding4-7678Sure has been fun hanging out with these boys.


Royalriding-7654The many faces of Royal James. He wants to be one of the boys in everything he does.




Lagunabeacheveningride-7614We tried a new place in Laguna and found a good place for the boys to ride their bikes. Oh how I love those Strider bikes.


Royalcatchingbeetles2-7732The boys found a lot of of these big beetles and had so much fun with them.


MomandRoeveningwalklaguna-7744Man, this is a beautiful place.

Royalcatchingbeetles-7731Love these two boys, they have a special relationship.

RoyalandRyanwalking-7622Oh Ro. I love you!



2 responses

  1. Pictures of these boys overkill??? Are you kidding??? Can’t get enough of them. Just love that the boys aren’t afraid of crawly creatures! Their curiosity is so delightful! Photos so good that I can almost smell the salt in the air. Miss your family so, so much! I love those grandsons SO MUCH!!! Mom

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