A Cool September Evening at El Moro


September 28, 2014

It feels life fall! Today was a beautiful day in Southern California. We had huge puffy clouds throughout the sky – a sight not often seen here. We went to church this afternoon and Jude was really packing in the punches during sacrament today.  We’ve spent a lot of days at the beach this week, it’s the easiest way for me to get out with the boys and then this Saturday was the opening day for lobster season, so that was another eventful day at the beach! So Jude definitely has good cause to be a little overly tired, a lot of sun and not enough sleep!   My high of the week was swimming with a pearl white harbor seal. I went out with Ryan diving and we were by this kelp forest and I saw him peek out from behind the kelp forest. He was so beautiful! I couldn’t get over how striking he was underwater with his beautiful flubber (?) I don’t know what their skin is exactly but it sparkled underwater. We played peek-a-boo and we made sounds at each other. Ryan got a bit nervous when I got so close, he encouraged me to stay back a little but the spirit of this animal was all goodness. I could almost touch him. Ryan has seen some good lately: turtles, octopus, bat rays, morray eels, lobsters, and of course lots and lots of fish. The low of the week…. working with Jude on holding a pencil and tracing it’s really slow going. I am committed to working with him every day, so I need to get better at feeling not so discouraged. 


We know Crystal Cove well – you know how much time we spend there -but there is still so much left to explore, so much left to explore!



These boys are so good to each other! Finn and Jude especially at the beach are so loving towards each other. They will often be seen running together on the beach holding hands. We went out for an hour and watched Ryan go out on a late evening dive with our friend Jacob earlier this week. It was probably seven o’clock and the sun had just set and the darkness slowly creeping in. We saw one lone runner – which speaking of that I’ve got to start running there on occasion. This girl had the right idea! The parking area at Crystal Cove closes at sunset and you can get ticketed (we never have) but I’m discovering lots of other spots you can park at and then you can be there way past dark. Well this runner past us and Finn and Jude were just walking together in the distance holding hands and I saw this girl pull out her phone and take pictures.  I get so used to seeing them do that occasionally but if I saw these cute kids randomly all alone on the beach, I’d be thinking these boys are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! MomandRoyalSeptmeber-8000


Our Mr Finn is still going by ‘Mr Finn.’ I heard his teacher one morning at school say to him, “Good morning Mr. Finn” He must have introduced himself to his friends as ‘Mr. Finn.’ haha


Yes, it felt just as it looks. Very peaceful tonight. 


The boys INSISTED on wearing their jackets tonight. It was definitely cooler but not snow coats cold! haha! Finn and Jude are self dressed this evening.


Royal on the other hand kept unzipping his jacket he did not want his on! 


Royal James loves his dad! He has a good reputation in nursery with his teachers, he’s a snuggler. I’ve heard on multiple occasions that he sits on his chair and quietly observes, he just loves watching the other kids.  



Quick story about Jude and preschool this week. Jude has been very well behaved getting to go to the prize box. Finn coaches him on what he thinks he should pick out from the infamous ‘prize box.’ One afternoon when he picked something out apparently the following occurred: Jude picks out his rock star glasses from the prize box, zips them up in his back pack then turns to his teacher and says: “My mom is going to be so excited to see this!” Precious! His teachers have given me some really good feed back that he’s really been behaving well. Praise the Lord. 

5 responses

  1. Love you Sweetheart!

    What a lift to check in with you while alone in Tokyo at the 80% mark of a long long long week.

    I love all of you! Incredible!

  2. You know I love the action shot, and the non-posed pics. Terrific expressions and great action shots at my favorite beach, Crystal Cove. Bet you brought home a little sand on this one! Love it… And thank you Heather! I cherish these posts and will honestly look at them two or three times a day! Honest! Mom

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