Wild Man Royal James

boysbalboa4-82196 October 2013

Royal James is having so much fun on the strider right now. He wants to be on his bike 24-7 so we’ve been spending quite a bit of time on little balboa island because the path is so great for him to ride on. It’s so safe: so quiet, no cars, and so few people! The little island is quickly becoming one of my go to outings when I’m alone with the boys. We have crab hunting, playing in the water, or just riding their bikes all available at once. The tide was so low and the bay was smoothest I’ve ever seen it. It was practically still.

Royalstriderbalboa-8326If the before mentioned reasons to go to little balboa weren’t enough – walking by this particular house in the above photo is reason enough alone. Her garden is so beautiful. Some of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen.

Royalstriderbalboa2-8179The boys don’t go that fast on their bikes, but it’s still fast. Jude took a fall on his bike earlier this week and has a huge goose egg – not nearly as bad as the bump he got  when he tripped into the wall at home, double black eyes. It’s incredible they can spend so much time on those bikes and the worse head injury we’ve had happened with Jude just walking around the apartment.

Finnwatchingflower-8330Finn has become our little ‘bat ray’ spotter. He asked me today if bat rays sting. He brought a zip lock bag all the way home because he told me that he was catching the HUGE crab.

royalstrider3-8260Royal really holds out on giving the kisses these days, he used to give anyone and everyone kisses. When he wants to it is the sweetest thing in the world. When Jude hurt his head, he went over and gave him a big kiss. When I give Royal something he really wants occasionally he will give me a kiss. He is a true independent, spirited toddler.

Royalwatchingcrabhunting-8244Royal watching the adventurers.

boysbalboa2-8211The boys always beg for hippo cookies after a balboa walk, and they are so cheap it’s hard to say. What a fun tradition. On the way to Dad’s balboa bar stand Jude said: “I want a cone. YOU ALWAYS get a cone and and I never get a cone!” Lately because it’s been so hot I’ve been getting a vanilla, chocolate swirl in a cup. One of my all time favorite treats-  Jude still doesn’t tolerate dairy.  He often times says things that I’m just stunned by, he’s really growing up. Watching the kids grow older, and even for myself I’m sure I’ll start to dread getting older but I really do think it’s a privilege. I love seeing the boys grow. We’ve worked hard to get Jude to be the boy he is today and I’m optimistic that all the boys are still going to be so much fun even when they’re not little.

royalstrider2-8267Royal loved the flowers too.

royalstrider4-8279Speaking of Jude! Look at him giving mom a big smile!


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  1. Every picture is better than the last one… Which was perfect! I love Royal’s determined independence. The pic of Finn with the flower melts my heart. He is so sweet. And I want to escape into that garden with Jude! Heather, you really ARE a remarkable mother. Most women plop their kids in front of TV most of the day… And never expose their kids to all the great adventures that you do. I’m so proud of you. You’re a outstanding mom. And most mom’s wouldn’t even consider an outing with 3 little boys and no help… With bikes too! With sand, and beach, and crawly critters too! You’re tops!
    X O X O X

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