Three Arch Bay

royalanddadthreearchbay2-858312 October 2014

Hello friends! We are just wrapping up one of those high adventure weekends, and it was special! Thus, a special post coming your way. We spent a few hours Saturday at Three Arch Bay, and if you can’t tell – this place is special! Three Arch Bay is nestled in Laguna Beach, it is a private beach but we have some friends that live in the community and they invited us to join them. I got home early that morning from an intense yoga class and when I got back Ryan informed me of the new development that we had been invited to three arch. A quick five minute shower, and a fast transition and we were on our way! We just took the necessities: two bottles of water, a shovel, a bucket, a few cups (for sand castles), a few luna bars and we were out the door. The water clarity was amazing, one of those incredible days. It was so clear that Ryan couldn’t resist going out tonight to try his hand at catching a few lobsters.  The boys and I waited patiently on the beach and watched his light through the water. It was a magical weekend. Here are a few photos from our trip to Three Arch Bay.

ThreeArchBay-8367There is three arch bay. If you walk down these stairs and take a right there are three small arches, thus the name. This is where Ryan and I went and did our night dive a week and a half ago and I almost had the biggest crab I’ve ever seen – he just slipped through my fingers! Ryan caught a few lobsters, none big enough to take home and eat though. It was magical being down there in the  moonlight.

ThreeArchBay3-8392Finn was in his full adventure ensemble. He gets so excited to go to the beach. He brought his goggles and wore his wet suit so he could do serious tide pool hunting. They are independent little people, we act like we don’t hover but trust me we still do. There is always a watchful eye on them. We want them to feel like they have free rein though.

ThreeArchBay12-8478Ryan didn’t go out diving in the afternoon because we were hoping to go out together later.  We need to find more babysitters! Especially when you’re wanting someone to come over at nine o’clock at night! They just have to sit here while the boys sleep in their beds!
ThreeArchBay6-8438The arches reminded me of Lake Powell. It was nice the tide was so low and you could just wade through the water and explore. We’ve seen so much great sea life. On Friday, Ryan and I  went to an under water film festival. It was a special night out. A sweet friend of mine, Leanne offered to watch the kids for me with her husband Craig. The boys had the best time, she brought new puzzles, glow sticks, games, they used chalk and drew dragons and drew stick figures – it was precious. They even took them on an outing to see the koi fish at Fashion Island. Nothing makes being far from family easier than good friends.  We saw some great films, our favorite was seeing footage of diving with a blue whale just 10 miles off the coast here! It was unbelievable.

threearchbay-8530 Here are our three tide pool hunters!

wetsuitfinn-8502ThreeArchBay10-8458ThreeArchBay9-8456Jude’s coordination is coming along – navigating around all those wobbly rocks isn’t easy and he took a small spill. Royal wasn’t keen on accepting many kisses from his mother over the last month so I took the opportunity to get a lot of kisses from Cougar Jude. His new favorite phrase: “I haven’t gotten my kiss yet.” Funny when you see kids repeating things you do,  Jude will come up and not just give me a kiss on the cheek but bounce from left to right – left to right – giving me at least four kisses, if not more. His willingness to show me so much affection makes me so happy. We all have things we are good at, and believe me I spend quite a bit of time  feeling frustrated at myself for not putting my best into the day,  but tonight my heart feels full that Jude has learned to show affection so well.

threearchjude-8434There’s my sweetheart Jude!

wetsuitfinn2-8510royalanddadthreearchbay-8560Now those two have a special relationship. When we ate dinner tonight, we pulled Royal’s high chair as close to the table as possible and he just shrieked with delight. Then Ryan said something that the boys disagreed with and Royal piped up saying, “No, no, no da da no, no!” The big joke in our house right now is if you pick a fight with one of them you pick a fight with all of them. Finn got in trouble for too much attitude this week and Jude and Royal were beside themselves with frustration that we were punishing Finn. Jude insisted on being in time out out too, and kept yelling, more like screaming no!

Royal still has very few words but he’s very observant, always tells me when he needs his diaper changed, and a great babbler so I’m encouraged at his development all the same. Oh and when he’s tired or upset he’ll climb up on my bed, point to the tv and say, ‘George!’ That boys loves Curious George.

royalthreearchbay2-8591threearchmom-8436And there’s me! Bravo for jumping in for a picture. I feel stupid when I have the camera and say, “Umm take a picture of Royal and I please?” and then pose for what feels like an awkward posed shot but hey mom is there too – I’ve got to!

Random fact about me: the boys know that Sunday afternoon is mom’s time. We do lunch/dinner when we come home and we’re all so tired from church so while Royals naps, Finn and Jude come snuggle up next to me – dad goes and reads on the couch -and I turn on part of an English movie. This last month I’ve been on the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice and this afternoon I got to that magical part where Elizabeth starts liking Darcy and is nice to him and actually looks at him and smiles! Ah! You can just feel from Darcy how happy it makes him. I can’t help but holler and cheer every time. Gosh that makes me happy! The boys love it too, just kidding – but they will!

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