A Fall Weekend With Family

BrockbankOctober5-927319 October 2014

Royal and I just got back from a last minute weekend with my family. I have been hearing so much about the beautiful fall foliage. Last week Gigi and Uncle Austin tried to convince me to drive up for a quick trip – but we are going for Halloween so I didn’t really consider it. But after another week the idea started to slowly grow of surprising my mom with a quick visit from just Royal and I. Well I made it happen.  I didn’t tell any of my family that I was coming and just showed up at the house.  We took a flight from LAX to Provo – I even ventured into long term parking so I could pull off this weekend. Finn and Jude  had their primary program today and Ryan was teaching a class so Ryan couldn’t give me a ride from the airport. So I drove up and we parked: Royal and I our bag, car seat, and stroller made it onto a shuttle and to the airport for our hour flight to Provo! It was such a fun surprise, what a happy memory this weekend was for me. Here are a few pictures from our hike in Aspen Grove. It was gorgeous. This weekend just happened to be UEA so Mason was out of school. Tanner was really busy studying for his Econ midterm next week, but Austin and I got to do some yoga together and catch up.

BrockbankOctober11-9187Way to go Toppy finding such a fun hike for the whole family, even Jasper!


BrockbankOctober10-9311 Beautiful Gigi! I just love these colors, everyone was so great while I just kept going on and on about how beautiful everything was. So glad I went!

BrockbankOctober12-9194Toppy and Royal had a lot of bonding time, he watched Ro while I went to yoga with Austin,  and carried him on our hike. Royal was such an angel the whole trip except for when it was time to go to sleep!

BrockbankOctober8-9323BrockbankOctober6-9295BrockbankOctober4-9262BrockbankOctober3-9238BrockbankOctober2-9221BrockbankOctober-9144Heather fell asleep starting this blog post . . . so I put a few of the photos she had open. More details to come in the next post, I’m sure!BrockbankOctober9-9328

We missed Tanner and Rachel on the hike – next time guys! It was so fun to catch up. 

BrockbankOctober16-9167Royal loved holding Jasper’s leash the whole time! He held onto Jasper nearly the whole hike – until Jasper got a few burs in his fur! 


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  1. Heather and Royal thank you for the surprise this beautiful fall weekend!! Truly, a wonderful memory and time. The donuts, the taffy, Carmel apples, bumpkin breads etc…my tummy is saying Way to much! So worth every bite….love you

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