A Weekend At Gigi’s


20 October 2014

It was a real treat being able to take Royal to Utah alone. He got so much attention, and that one on one bonding time was precious. I feel so much closer to Royal now. I could tell he loved having mom to himself. Today I was driving the boys to school and I felt so thankful. I love life right now! Occasionally I will think, “I wish I had my family here!” It would be so nice to have them close, but everything is relative and Utah is close to California. This LAX to Provo flight was so short and if you get your tickets early you can get them really cheap. I was talking to the girl sitting next to me on the flight and she mentioned that she bought her tickets round trip for a $100. Wow! I thought mine was a pretty good price, but a $100 that’s unheard of! 


I’m always hearing about Gardner’s Village around Halloween and I’ve never been – well that I can remember. It was fun! We got tons of treats from the chocolate covered wagon and they tasted so good. Some of the best carmels I’ve ever had. Yum! Royal is seen here enjoying a piece of carmel apple. We got really unlucky with the crowds, I forgot it was UEA so it seemed like everyone wanted to be there!  Mason and Toppy came too. After seeing the witches we went up to Salt Lake and got lunch at The Dodo and got some of my favorite Branbury donuts. I love the apple suace/spice donuts. They aren’t too sweet and don’t make you sick. 


GigisHouse7-9086Haha! Someone snapped this – post lunch impromptu diaper change standing up. Royal is a champ doing all day outings. When I got home from the airport I brought Royal out of his seat and started walking towards our apartment and suddenly Royal started screaming, “No, No, No, No!!!” He didn’t want to go inside. I hear yah Royal! Being out and about is so much fun! 


All my brothers were really excited to see me. That made me feel good, Mason has so many friends competing for his time but he opted to spend time with me. It was sweet. He loves the boys. Everyone is really excited for Halloween. My mom has already ordered her fresh turkey and she has all of her halloween lantern decorated waiting to be put out. I’m telling you, my mother is like a fictional character. One of those people you have a hard time imagining as a real person. I show up completely unannounced and she’s cute as a button, the house is spotless. Pumpkin candles burning, kitchen in perfect order, and fresh loaves of pumpkin bread and sourdough just waiting for me as if I were to come through the door – my favorites! My mom’s face when she saw us walk in is seared in my memory. I can hardly believe that I am loved that much, what a gift and treasure to be loved like that. Thanks for such a fun time guys. 


Gigi took me to the cutest yarn store in Sugarhouse. I got some fun Halloween colors. Thank you, thank you!


GigisHouse2-8941Almost forgot to explain Royals’ head! No, that’s not fresh blood. Royal fell on his bike, it wasn’t a hard impact but it just scraped badly. The scab wasn’t bad but then it split and re-bled the night before we came out. On the shuttle after long term parking Royal was in his superman pajamas with blood just caked on his forehead. The pair of us looked a little frightening. I got a few looks. 

GigisHouse3-8964Jasper! He is the sweetest, most spoiled maltipoo on the planet! His favorite past time, hanging his head out of the window. He was excited to see me and Royal! Jasper went up to Ro and lovingly pawed his hand, it was cute to see him recognizing him too.



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