Irvine Regional Park Fall Festivities

Pumpkinpatch2-881420 October 2014

If you are in Orange County and haven’t been to Irvine Regional Park on your way to Orange, then do yourself a favor and go! They do such a great job with this event. Entry is free but the activities cost money. We usually aren’t ones to splurge for the activities but these are fun! We take our kids on the John Deere tractor (which you are supposed to be five to drive, but they don’t enforce it well) and the we ride the train. They go through a tunnel at the end that is decorated really fun and spooky and it’s a highlight every year!

Pumpkinpatch6-8888This was one of those win-win situations! So fun for the parents and a blast for the kids. The boys were fighting on the drive home over the brochure for the park! They kept wanting to just even look at the pictures of the park! It was a hit.

Pumpkinpatch10-8729Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. Oh this was fun, fun and more fun! Royal James, he shrieked and laughed the whole time watching Finn drive this thing and crash into the cars. Jude was the best passenger. Finn eventually got the hang of it. Did I mention this was funny? Just when I thought this journey with kids is too much too bear, you laugh so hard your insides almost fall out. Having kids is a lot of fun.

Pumpkinpatch9-8698Beep, beep, beep! Finn and Jude are best friends, they do everything together. They talk about everything, and when Finn gets out of school there is zero interest seeing me, he runs to his friend and gives him the whole scoop like-  how he got a blue card today which means he was ‘excellent’. It’s really rare to get a blue card. All his classmates were talking about it when they got out of school. LOL! I thought there were only green and yellow cards at preschool – but turns out there are blue and red. Red cards as Finn says means that, “You were very, very, very naughty!” Jude hasn’t gotten one of those yet – but when that day comes you better believe you’ll be hearing about it.

Pumpkinpatch8-8636Lots of fun pumpkins!

Pumpkinpatch3-8879Thanks love for taking this, precious Royal!


Jude, haha!


Lots of pumpkins!

IMG_8840Watching the peacocks out of the train!

Pumpkinpatch14-8792 Pumpkinpatch12-8762 Pumpkinpatch11-8741The boys are a riot!



There is a very small haunted house- it’s more fun than scary but Finn and Jude didn’t like it!

Pumpkinpatch13-8783 IMG_8650

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