Our Pre Halloween Festivities

OctoberCrystalCove11-979727, October 2014

Woah, I am tired! I didn’t realize I was behind editing pictures. I had a few more on my camera than I remembered when I first embarked on doing this post. Well, lots to catch up on! I hope you all had a great week, this week went by fast and slow in many ways. The boys had a great week in school, Finn learned about space. I ask his teachers how Finn does and I usually get some sort of response that resembled Friday’s answer, “Finn is an absolute angel.”

HappyHalloween2-9597We are going to Gigi’s house for Halloween on Thursday so we did our pumpkin carving this week. The boys had an absolute blast. Great job dad on the pumpkins! Jude loved scraping out the seeds. Every night the boys have loved turning on the pumpkins and lighting their candles inside. Because it’s so moist here by the beach, the pumpkins only made it three days and then they started to mold.

HappyHallowee-9578The boys favorite book to read it a book about pumpkins, it’s pretty much shredded we’ve read it so much. While we were carving pumpkins I looked over and Royal was looking at pictures in the book of people scooping out the seeds while the boys were scooping out the seeds. He is such an observant child. He just watches everything.

OctoberCrystalCove8-9467A few beach shots from our walks over this week. Royal’s head has now healed. Poor thing, he scraped his head on the strider bike. Probably won’t be the last. I took the boys on one of our favorite off road biking adventures earlier this week, and Royal led the pack on his strider. He’s got quite the calves coming in – we were joking that he must have Toppy’s legs because he’s already got some strong legs!

OctoberCrystalCove6-9464Precious Royal James. We are in the trenches now, love these kids, but boy are they exhausting. I am officially tired guys. Every night is a battle with Royal to stay in his bed. One of us has to go in there and sit and make him stay in his bed – he’s in a big boy bed and he doesn’t like staying in his room. Thank heavens I have Ryan’s help most nights getting that boy down! He’s my rooster tamer!

OctoberCrystalCove5-9453Finn, as you can probably tell through pictures, loves the beach. They love it. They are so free.

OctoberCrystalCove4-9450OctoberCrystalCove-9373Jude is quite the cool customer these days. He survived our primary program at church, we heard from some of the leaders that they had their doubts but Jude really did well. He wasn’t disruptive at all. Praise the lord. (kidding :))
OctoberCrystalCove7-9496Nothing like being creative with the editing when you’ve got some washed out material. 🙂
HappyHalloween4-9503Night, night beach! So now on to our Halloween festivities. Are you ready to see the cutest Owl you have ever seen?
HappyHalloween9-9743I couldn’t resist throwing it up there now that I’ve taken a few pictures. We have recycled the boys Halloween outfits from Dubai last year, they did not get sufficient use out of them! Besides, Ryan and I even dressed up to match. Say hello to Captain Jack Aubrey.
HappyHalloween5-9760Ryan decorated our trunk, and did a great job. He passed out the candy and I took the boys around. Jude of course found some beautiful girl to follow the entire night. Finn said as he often does, “Jude is obsessed with girls!”
HappyHalloween7-9762I know Jude is only four – but I am serious. That boys really does seem to gravitate to women! He just loves girls!
HappyHalloween8-9751Post trunk or treat, we had to take two forms of transportation because we couldn’t fit everything and Ryan!
HappyHalloween10-9782The boys were all just hanging out on the Vespa, so we all jumped in because everyone thought it was so cute. It was a fun night, the boys were in heaven!
HappyHalloween3-9678Our precious Mr. Finn so exhausted the next morning. He came in a snuggled and didn’t wake up until 8:30!
OctoberCrystalCove14-9830The last few photos are from our beautiful cloudy evening tonight. The sky really did look just not real. I was stunned! No more commentary from me, I am a tired bird! Night night… until the morning light!
If you look closely, there is Ryan and the boys down on the beach! Beautiful night!

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  1. I just saw the blog! I love the costumes..Royal and that pumpkin outfit. I had never seen yours…gorgeous and Ryan quite the Dual. Please bring your costume..love it so excited!!!!!

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