Halloween 2014

HalloweenGigi'sHouse11-03558 November 2014

The boys and I just got back from Utah, well two days ago, I’ve been working on this Halloween post for a little while, there was a lot of material to go through! It’s one of our favorite days of the year so of course I was going crazy with the camera.  I have a new rule that I don’t do blog posts on vacation now, it’s just too much. With the boys, their car seats, luggage, and camera throwing in my computer too it’s just crazy -too much! I hope you all had a great and safe Halloween as well! Feel free to take this post in small doses.

HalloweenGigi'sHouse2-0170Ryan came into town for Halloween and then stayed through the weekend and then went back home to California. The entire family dressed up this year and it was a lot of fun. We had a great time in Utah: playing golf, doing yoga with Austin, long walks in the leaves, eating lots of kneaders bread and treats, cooking with my mom… the list goes on and on. We had a great time! Thanks Gigi and Toppy. It always makes me sad saying goodbye, everyone one by oen on my last day came and gave me a big hug and said, “See you at Christmas!” Christmas! That seems so far away, and I get to see my family so much.

HalloweenGigi'sHouse12-0397I’m working backwards then forwards from our last week. Our first big night was Halloween. There was a lot happening, Ryan and the boys walked in from a game of golf right just as the sun was starting to go down (Ryan played great, I keep teasing him it’s because of his kick board that he’s using in the pool. It has really strengthened his legs and core strength :)) I was anxious to get out with the kids – thankfully I did grab a shot of all of us before went trick or treating. The boys had a blast, a lot of people go all out for Halloween and it’s neat. My mom has quite the reputation for throwing a fun party so a lot of great friends came by.

HalloweenGigi'sHouse10-0343Jude loved these hats I picked up but I didn’t push the boys wearing them because they were a little big. Oh Jude what a crack up, he loved his hat though!

HalloweenGigi'sHouse9-0318Ryan was Captain Jack Aubrey and I was his wife. (Has anyone read those books?) We found my dress off ebay a few months ago, I got a lot of complements on our outfits. It was really kind of people to be so nice. It was fun dressing up, I was surprised that everything came together! The outfits were a real hit.  I always wanted to dress one of the boys as an owl – and Royal is getting so big so we had to do it this year even though he didn’t really coordinate with the rest of us!

HalloweenGigi'sHouse16-0299After all the owl talk we had quite the time keeping him in his costume. It’s been such a warm fall in Utah. It was high 60’s and 70’s while I was there with only one cold day.There is Uncle Austin with the boys!

HalloweenGigi'sHouse6-0199HalloweenGigi'sHouse15-0449HalloweenGigi'sHouse8-0259My mom planned a fun Curious George party for Royal and Finn. Royals’ birthday is in a few short weeks and Finn’s was right before Halloween. We decorated it with Royal in mind but Finn sure loves Curious George too. Jude kept saying over and over, “Happy Birthday to Jude!” “It’s Jude’s Birthday!’ Which made Finn really upset, “He would scream NO JUDE! It’s my birthday not your birthday! Mom tell Jude it is not his birthday!!” Ohhhhhh man.I would try to tell Jude it wasn’t his birthday but then he took that as, he wasn’t invited to the birthday party – communicating with toddlers can be really hard.

HalloweenGigi'sHouse13-0408Our best attempt of a photo together, it’s always hard handing off the camera because my settings can be tricky. I love my back button but it’s not great for other people.

HalloweenGigi'sHouse7-0230On to a few other pictures from the trip… I’ll share pictures from the birthday party in another post.

HalloweenGigi'sHouse4-0045Post yoga walk. Boy when you weren’t in the shade it felt warm! Royal keeps kicking off his shoes, aye, aye, aye!

The many expressions of Cougar Jude! “I am upset and sad, all at the same time”!


HalloweenGigi'sHouse1-0151Finn and those rats! “Squeak, squeak, squeak!”
Fall3-0019Fallfinnandmom3-0789 Fall1-0641None of the boys have been sick for probably two months, it’s been great! I keep saying it’s because of the kombucha that we drink, it’s great fighting off infection! We’ve finally had a causality, poor Royal has a fever and cough.  It will be a slower week for us.

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