Bonka Petes Comes to Town

Petersvisit8-104318 November 2014

This weekend we had our first house guest! Bonka Petes came in from Minnesota for the weekend and we had such a fun time wearing him out! We all had a lot of fun, especially Peter. We had a pretty jammed packed weekend filled beach walks, donuts, a Disney enchanted Christmas tree lighting, Mexican food. It was a party. Thanks for making the effort to come and spend a little time with us Bonka Petes! The boys had an incredible time and you hung in there really well considering how much chaos we all make!

Petersvisit2-0941We took Peter to the upper back bay nature center that my friend Kaitlin introduced me to when we first moved back here. It’s been one of our favorite weekly spots to hit up. The boys love it, it’s a great place to go when I’m killing time alone with the boys, so Ryan hadn’t actually been in there with me and he loved it too. There a four different snakes, a bearded dragon, a huge spider, a tree frog… turtle I’m sure a few other small creatures that I”m forgetting anyways it’s great. Awesome for boys. Finn loved showing Dad and Bonka all of his favorite creatures and telling them about them. We colored, read books, then went and got donuts.

Petersvisit3-0943Royal had been a little under the weather this last week but he’s feeling much better. He’s making a big effort talking in his own language with a few real words. It’s great that he seems to understand us so well – we just have to learn his a bit better. Jude today got his first ‘blue card’ in in preschool. My heart could burst I feel so happy about this news. Jude, behaving in school and blending in. I would have never believed me if you told me that would be the case in a year and a half ago! He was just so disruptive and demanding.

Petersvisit6-0927Jude wanted Pooh Bear to come as well. The clouds were so beautiful that day. Peter brought the rain with him, which was such a treat. It was the first time that I had experienced real rain since we moved back to SoCal. I heard it had rained while I was out of town a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe I had missed it.

Petersvisit5-1027Royal was glued to mom this last week. He was fussy a lot. He’s so much happier now. When kids have a fever it’s not fun. I forget just how quiet the beach is in the winter, we encountered only one other person at the beach – Rose, the crystal cove running who is there every day. Other than that there was no one else.

Petersvisit1-1052Peter was a trooper coming with me to my Pilates class early one morning. Pete’s… Maria was asking about you today – my Pilates teacher. I told her you’d be back! 😉 I’m hoping I converted you to throwing a little Pilates into the mix. Petes really was so great, he did my dishes multiple times – it seemed whenever he saw the smallest dish in the sink it was rinsed and in my dish washer or washed! Ryan and I celebrated our seventh anniversary on Sunday and Peter watched the kids so we could go out. Ryan got tickets to the off Broadway musical ‘Pippin.’ It was a fun night.

Petersvisit4-1025Jude is such a character, and there’s mom – walking and wrangling Royal!


Peter did a little wrangling of his own! Whenever I saw Peter’s nerves starting to be tested, it was all I could to do not to laugh… truth be told I did. Peter isn’t easily frazzled – very even keel. So if you get any distress from the guy it’s saying something.

Petersvisit9-0953Well, I’m off to bed! Ciao! This day light savings is something, what a change. It’s dark here at  5 o’clock. We are all so exhausted by 8! I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat.

Petersvisit10-1048Thanks again for visiting Bonka Petes, we love you!




5 responses

  1. Tell Maria that I am out of the hospital and recovering well. Pilates sounds so romantic but is actually quite cruel. Great to see you guys! The boys are doing so well–fun to see them and enjoy their company. Of course, it was also great to spend time with you and Ryan. Hope to return….soon!

  2. Mark, yeah I usually call him ‘Bompa Petes’ but Finn calls him ‘Bonka Petes’ Bonka rolls off the tongue a little sweeter, we’ll see which ends up sticking with the boys. In all honesty we’ve been in this spot before but by the time we see them again I forget which name they prefer!

    Leanna, we are overdue to have the Cartwrights visit! Allegiant air has some really cheap tickets through LAX you should check out if they have any stops close to you! Love you guys.

  3. Great post, Heather! Thanks for spoiling dad — he had a great time! I, too, prefer Bompa to Bonka… But let the boys decide, I guess! 😊. Single digit temps and snow already makes this Grandma think a Cali trip will be in my future, soon! Love to all! Mom. X O X O

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