Happy Second Birthday Royal!

Royalhappybirthday3-134626 November 2014

Today is Royal’s second birthday! Finn and Jude fully grasp the concept of birthdays now so we were really able to make a party out of Royal’s special day, even though it was just the five of us.  Ryan and I were debating what to do for his birthday and he volunteered to make him a cake since I am going to be in the kitchen so much tomorrow for Thanksgiving. He wanted to make a fun cake for Royal opposed to my girly cake that I had originally planned on making. His cake turned out pretty cool. Ryan made a triple layer octopus cake. Royal was so excited he was shrieking! After we sang to him he ate the octopuses eyes. When we cut the cake Jude got really concerned saying, “Save the octopus!”  I love the picture above because it was truly capturing a moment. Finn and Jude were so excited, Jude in true fashion has no shirt on and Finn is hugging Jude. They touch each other non stop. Truth be told we woke up to screaming this morning because Jude had ‘sprayed Finn with the squirt gun’. Well that squirt gun ended up being Windex that had been left out from cleaning the night before. Those two boys play non stop.

Royalhappybirthday10-1123We took the boys to the beach and went to the historic district portion of Crystal Cove. We haven’t been to that part of CC in years and it was a nice change-  more people though.We still had fun. We brought our new dragon kite, but there was no wind. The ocean resembled more of a lake tonight. The tide was out and the surf was low – just how I like it.


Lots of pictures with the boys and the cake. We all actually ate a lot of cake. We made grilled balsamic chicken panninis for dinner and then loaded up on cake. . The boys are getting better eating sandwiches I’ve found that if I do them on the paninni machine it’s easier for the boys to keep it together and then I can smuggle good protein between the bread. We’ve been doing a lot of sandwiches lately.

Royalhappybirthday9-1114We were at the beach earlier this week -Ryan had gone out diving because conditions have just been too good to pass up and after he and the boys found a big octopus in the tide pools. Finn has been asking to go to the beach every morning since.


The beach is fun the explore when the tide is so low like this. 

Royalhappybirthday8-1248Royalhappybirthday1-1342More cake shots… I just love seeing those two boys hugging, so excited! I didn’t even see this when I took the picture. Cute.

Royalhappybirthday2-1341Royalhappybirthday6-1233I’ve got to be up early to start cooking. We are continuing our tradition of eating an early Thanksgiving feast and then going to the beach. We’ll have to try and spice things up to make it extra special since we go so much.

Royalhappybirthday12-1159Royalhappybirthday14-1217Royal loves his dad. Royal comes up in early and comes and snuggles. I am out cold in the mornings, how I woke up in the middle of the night multiple times for so long I do not know. I sleep the enitre night and don’t move a muscle and I’m still tired in the morning.

Royalhappybirthday15-1396Royalhappybirthday7-1230Royalhappybirthday5-1371Royalhappybirthday13-1198Happy Thanksgiving! Royal James, we love you so much. You’re an absolute delight and a joy to have around. Royal loves motorcycles, his brothers, his bike, reading books, and many other things but that will have to do since I can’t keep my eyes open. Love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the snuggle bear! These photos are so true to the boys’ personalities! Pretty impressed with your cake, son! You knocked that one outa the park! Love that Royal!!!!! 🍰

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