New Years 2015

Holiday12-47314 January 2015

Wow it feels good to write 2015. I am thrilled to be starting a new year, 2014 was pretty much our worst year ever.  I took December off from blogging just to relish in how good life felt. I think I felt like if I wrote about it – I might ruin it, kind of like knocking on wood. I didn’t want to write in a post, “Life is so good!” Just to have that next Monday throw us another curve ball. Not to mention that the holidays are just crazy! It was a great break, and now that I am confident that this new season of life we are in here is here to stay, I can say it. “Life is good!”

Holiday7-4672Finn loved the snow so much that we literally had to drag him inside! Building snowmen, sledding, and skiing were all really fun with all the enthusiasm about the snow. It is so new to them, Finn had been talking about putting his face in the snow when we got to Utah for weeks. I have a lot of material, as you can imagine a month off from blogging. I have been working on all of my shots, and I will get lots of posts up this week. I am working from most recent backwards -if you don’t see something you expect I’m sure you will soon. December is filled with a lot for us: Jude’s birthday, Christmas, and New Years in Utah. So a lot to catch up on.

Holiday8-4679Today’s pictures are from our sledding adventure. Tanner, and my brother’s fiance Rachel expressed a lot of interest taking the boys sledding and it worked out great because for most of our trip to Utah I had the boys alone. Ryan came for the last day and a half. Thanks for helping Tanner, it was so fun for me to document. The boys as you can tell loved it.


Holiday16-4526Holiday22-4601The boys racing down the hill! I love this picture, Jude’s eyes are closed. Jude did so well when we went skiing. I was expecting to take Finn by himself, but Austin agreed to help me with Finn if I wanted to teach Jude so it worked out great. Jude’s coordination has come a long way and he was actually turning. I let him go on his skis pretty fast and he got a little scared. Finn on the other hand wanted to just bomb down the kiddy hill every time, he would just laugh hysterically and take off if I tried to get him to turn! Funny kids!! Austin was fantastic, taking kids skiing is incredibly physical. Something about the lifting and the awkward pressure in places I am always unbelievably sore after taking the little boys skiing.

Rachel is a real sweetheart, soft spoken but outgoing at the same time. I think they complement each other well. I’m excited to have her as a sister.


Holiday4-4668Holiday9-4686Jude’s blonde hair in the snow is so striking. Even though there was a lot of snow it was only frigid two of the days we were there. The other days felt comfortable with warm clothes on.

Holiday18-4532How magical is this? It’s totally real too – the picture doesn’t exaggerate at all – the snow was falling the boys were shrieking. I can’t believe how fun that was.

Holiday21-4580Holiday14-4482Holiday15-4465Jude loved all of my mom’s hallmark toys, he would sit and listen to them play Christmas songs the whole time. He is so tender hearted, he is a joy but he really doesn’t listen to his mother and it’s hard. I have to do better with time outs this year. It’s not good.

Holiday17-4522Holiday10-4700Mr. Finn headed down face first! He was sure brave. This hill is really close to Gigi’s house and worked out great for their age, Rachel was great with the boys going down the hill the first time even she was like, “Tanner…. you sure we are going to be fine with the boys??” They were catching air!  The above shot is embarking down the hill – this is mid ride!




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