Our Snowy New Year



5 January 2015

Continuing to catch up on New Years at Gigi’s house. I have a few pictures to share of the boys just playing outside. I have a lot of respect for parents who live in that cold weather the entire winter. Putting all those boys snow clothes on gets old pretty fast and keeping track of all the mittens and hats is not easy. I am so glad we went out to Utah, the change of scenery was so refreshing not to mention all the wonderful company. Snow storms are so much fun. The boys and I loved eating lots of snow. 


Finn finally got that face plant that he had been talking about for so long. He has the longest eye lashes, take a look at that mound of snow stuck in his eyes – judging by his smile the face plants met his expectations. 



Royal trying to move around in feet of snow was pretty funny. Sumo style.


The fluffy snow was hard to make compact for a legit snowman but we did end up making a nice shapely mound!

Holiday28-4399My mom and I went to a few different stores to find snow stuff, and I am super excited about the ones we picked out. So many stores were picked over and the fit wasn’t right – and then I found these ones. The suits are reversible, water resistant, and comes with a hood. They also have great growing room.  


Holiday27-4397Small criss, rogue mitten! 



Holiday31-4449Ugh oh! Time to head inside! Someone has to go pee pee!

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