A Christmas Surprise!

Holiday68-36966 January 2014

A week before Christmas we had the best surprise! Every Sunday evening we go to Crystal Cove… as you know – and watch the sunset, it’s such a great way to start the week.  My family knows our tradition so they came and surprised us at Crystal Cove. I had been telling my brothers who are in College to come down over their break,  Austin was going to come and then it turned into the whole family. It was a lot of fun having them over. I talked to my mom on the phone just a day or so earlier and I asked her, “So any chance you guys all want to come down?” she just said… “we’ll see!” But I could ‘hear’ her smiling on the other line. You know how that is? I was a little suspicious that they might just pop in.  It’s really easy flying from Salt lake to LA.


Nights like these are my favorite, I love when there are clouds in the sky after the sun sets. It turns the entire sky pink. It only took me six months but I have finally adjusted to the sun setting at five. I’ve figured out that I just need to get going way earlier then by the time five o’clock rolls around I am ready to be inside. If I don’t get out early enough I am just not ready for the day to be over by five! Tonight was showered and ready for bed at 7:15, I was going though at 6 am so it works. 

Holiday58-4031Running on the beach with Toppy. 


Sorry for all you cold weather folks, nothing like the idea of sitting on a beach outside in your swim suit when it’s freezing outside. The ocean isn’t THAT cold either –  Toppy and Mason went swimming for ten minutes without any wet suits.

Holiday62-4306 Ausi and I after snorkeling. It was too bad there was a lot of swell so the visibility was poor. We still could see a lot of fish and it was worth being out there but I would have loved to have taken him out when you can really see everything. 

Holiday66-3967Our walk just looked like this, I didn’t even stage anything…too cute with all the kids staggered like that. What I try to do taking pictures is capture a moment. I have evolved into just following everyone’s lead whenever I take my camera places. I sometimes will take my camera and not shoot anything because I never feel compelled to shoot anything, but if I see something – today we were at the tide pools in Corona Del Mar and Jude was out in this deep pool and a hundred yards away a big set was crashing – I grabbed my camera and barely missed the shot I would have loved to take, sometimes you get them and sometimes you don’t. It’s a great win when I do though. 

Holiday57-4028Royal is… precious. The boys and I are developing a nice routine. I depend on momentum so much. I feel like I hold on to it so tight, like its all I have sometimes. If I have made good choices today, I can do it tomorrow. I wish I had more confidence in myself that it’s me but I feel it’s a force like a wave in a ocean- I’ve caught my set and I’m holding on to dear life not to lose it. If I do I’ll be stuck floating in a dead calm sea with no wind  – stranded. 


Speaking of the ocean, after I dive when I come in my legs are so weak from kicking so hard and for so long I can barely stand up. We were out for about an hour an a half and Ausi, poor thing, had swallowed quite a bit of water which makes you so nauseous. I was starting to get chilly so Ausi and I headed in before Mason and Ryan. Ryan and Mason were catching lobster and then just letting them go right there. This stretch of beach is protected, so they are everywhere but you can’t take them. I had no problem going in early with Aus but I told him when we get to shore you have to hold me up because even the smallest of waves hits me and I just get rocked. Sea legs. We made it in no problem, I’ve had bad luck coming in with a big set- nothing like getting slammed into the beach by a rogue wave. 


Holiday63-3906Secret if you can’t tell…  the beaches in SoCal in the winter, it’s unreal!


I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep Royal’s hair like that. It works at the beach, I wonder if I am doing him a disservice, it often is just all over the place!
Holiday61-4307Cougar Jude! After we dove we went over to see our friend the Octopus – who lives in some tide pools down the way. Ryan fed him oysters and we all got to see and watch him in his wild habitat. Ryan tried to catch him – just to hold for a minute, we wouldn’t have actually taken him. Finn was watching when Ryan held the octopus for a second then he inked. I share this story because I just have to document Finn’s response. He loved it, Finn started screaming saying, “He inked, he inked!” He knows tons about animals from one of his television programs. So fun, he thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen. 


Ryan brought me home some flowers today, taking care of all these boys is hard work! It’s working though, everyone is thriving. We did it! Jude had his first day back at preschool and his teachers said, “He’s so sweet! He was great, whatever you are doing with him, it’s working!” Music to my ears!

Holiday1-3911Keeping kids active during the winter can be a challenge, we don’t even have snow or cold weather and I have noticed a change in everyone’s energy. 


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