Christmas at home!

5 January 2015

This Christmas we spent at home here in SoCal. It was a magical Christmas, even though our space is small I love our little tree. Ryan and I had so much fun snuggling and enjoying the quiet and magical feeling that Christmas Eve brought. Finn did all the preparation for Santa. He put out cookies and carrots for his reindeer. Kid sure pick up on a lot these days without much help from their parents. The boys saw Santa at least half a dozen times, this year he was at Fashion Island and Rogers Garden. Whenever he was there we went and said hello. The boys were so excited to see Santa this year. There was no hesitation from any of them. Finn would run up give Santa a huge and ask for roller skates. Jude always asked for a submarine. Royal just followed their lead and wore a huge smile through it all. Rogers Gardens is such a great place to take the kids around the holidays because they have a huge train that goes around and this incredible friendly Santa who not only lets just take as many of our own photos as we want, but gives them a candy cane and a bell for free. California I know has a reputation for being an expensive place to live, and I understand why I it has that reputation – but it seriously is the best place to be poor! So many experiences as your disposal for free. 


Holiday47-3374The boys eating their candy canes post Santa Clause visit. 


Christmas morning!


Holiday83-3348Jude has to stay locked down in the stroller when we go because he knocks the train off the tracks – this has happened on more than one occasion. The staff all know the boys well from seeing us often. The boys get stickers every time after too.


The infinite Roller Skates that Finn had been asking forever for! All those Santa visits paid off Finn!

Here Finn is giving Santa a high five. Too funny!

Holiday50-3341Christmas Eve! The boys are excited for tomorrow!

 Christmas morning the boys ran out and just looked at everything for ten minutes before we all filed out for the special morning. Finn was really excited to see that the reindeer had loved the carrots. The boys got a lot of great things,  we’ve been getting a lot of great use out of everything. 

Cozy at home, Mr Finn in his Christmas sweater!


Holiday90-4270We’re set on crayons for awhile!

Holiday88-4222I’m already excited for next Christmas. I love having Christmas decorations up. 

This picture is on our way out to a Christmas party, Royal loves wearing the helmet to the Vespa is often walking around the house looking just like this. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture. 


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