Happy Birthday Jude Everest!

Holiday43-377221 December 2014

No it is not the 21’st… but that’s the date of Jude’s birhtday. The 21’st not the 20th, not the 22nd, the 21st. I say this because I had an absolute mom fail when come Monday afternoon when I’m buy birthday plates at Rite Aid and I look at my phone and see that Monday was the 22nd. I frantically text Ryan, “We missed Jude’s birthday it was Sunday not today!” Wih the 21st being so close to Christmas it’s been hard not just being constant count down until Christmas. So when Ryan said Monday was the 21st four days before I didn’t double check and took his word for it. Sorry Jude, you didn’t know thankfully but we actually did mix up the days. Your dad made up for it though by making you the sweetest submarine cake. You really wanted a submarine for Christmas, and you got one. It’s pretty sweet.

Holiday42-3753Great job on the cake sweetheart!


What an amazing memory. We got Vietnamese food from this great restaurant that some of my friends here just love. I had done a little birthday shopping at Target a week earlier and were set with a few things for all the boys. Gigi gave Jude this sweet ninja turtle, and Jude has had fun with it. 

Holiday75-3852I got all the boys matching Batman Pj’s they came with capes. They have been a HUGE hit. Just check out Royal’s face. At the end of the party I let everyone open up a gift with the Pj’s just to end the day off on a happy note for everyone. The boys will remember those pajamas. 

Holiday44-3786Jude!! Wait! I got choked up at dinner, this was just one of those evenings when you don’t think life can get any better. I really love  food, and I love eating out and we rarely do it. Let alone amazing vietnamese/thai food. I got a spicy eggplant dish… anyways I could go on and on and on about the food- I won’t though. Being in our little apartment together, card table and all celebrating Jude with my family there, while eating amazing food, and on the side just knowing that Ryan loves his job. It was just too much, I was overflowing with joy. 


No time to work the camera too much, we have a party going on! 

Holiday40-3806One of my top five favorite days ever! Love you guys!

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