Wrapping up the Christmas Season

Holiday33-25626 January 2014

To wrap up the Christmas Season I wanted to close with a few pictures with the boys in their Sunday dress. Most of the pictures I post don’t evolve deliberately putting them into great outfits or anything like that. However the boys do have some pretty sweet Sunday best clothes. I am all about the one piece romper, and with Finn now being five, I don’t know how many more romper days he has. I especially love their Christmas rompers. Finn can no longer fit into his Christmas plaid so he is sporting another one. So for this Christmas post, we have a few random pictures from the holiday. Love you guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Holiday37-2637Holiday35-2618This next photo is what got me thinking, I’ve got to just snap a few quick pictures. Seeing Royal run around the Christmas tree in his plaid, I haven’t done a good enough job documenting them when they are all dressed up like this. They love their little outfits. 



Finn got that little nativity at church, so cute!


So now switching to the polar opposite, no clothes! A little look at a typical evening at home in December. Post tub, evening snack.

Holiday52-3451Yes we have three boys, and we have been married quite a long time but hey we’re still getting on our feet. We’ll get a real table soon, maybe this year!

Holiday51-3490There is something to be said, for cozy! Truth be told we have a fun time huddling around that table for dinner at night. Royal just sits in his special ‘king’ chair. 

Holiday53-3469Royal is the king of eating with utensils, he’s always been so good with them.  

Holiday73-3595This was before my parents surprised us on the beach. I love this one. Royal and Ryan have a special relationship. It’s cute how the littlest things bring the biggest smile to his face. If any of you are wondering, yes Royal is precious and smiles a lot but put this kid in his car seat to be buckled up and he fights it – boy does he fight it! Screams!and yells  I don’t know what his deal is, when he gets in his seat he’s fine but getting him strapped in is a battle (and trust me, it’s not because he wants to buckle it up himself!) he’s stubborn. He definitely can be a real pill sometimes. 

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  1. I was thinking similar thoughts about Parker today. He is soo tender and sweet and usually easy going. However, at times he is so strong willed and stubborn. If he gets upset it is so hard to calm him down. Let’s just hope its the terrible twos right? Loved catching up on your posts.

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