Corona Del Mar and Flying the Kite

Christmascard-172011 January 2015

What a great week! The boys and I really feel like we’re thriving. We have a great routine, and I feel like we are all happier in general day to day. Ryan loves his job, it’s only seven minutes away so he takes the Vespa and I take the car. We took some family pictures in the beginning of December for our Christmas card and I never put them on the blog and thought I’d include them in today’s post. The dragon kite has been a hit. We’ve had rain this weekend so the boys and I have been inside cookies. The boys and I do everything together now with Ryan’s schedule being so demanding in this current season of life. They come with me to the store, and all of my other outings. We’ve been spending more time with friends, which they love. The boys have had some excellent one liners which I’ll have to reference through the post.

Familyphotoscc2-1443Precious Cougar Jude. Trying to take your own Christmas card is not easy. It wasn’t really what I was hoping to get but at the least the boys are all happy! The boys getting their game faces on.

Familyphotoscc4-1519Finn today told me, “Mom I wish there was a wishing tree that granted wishes.” I said, “Oh yeah? What would you wish for? We were making muffins and Jude was in time out for not following directions. Finn said, “I would wish that little boys listened to their moms and only colored on paper and not on other stuff.” I just gave him a hug. He’s such a people pleaser.

Familyphotoscc5-1628Royal is a mommas boy for sure. The boys have quite the bedtime routine right now, le’t s just say those boys have the King treatment. I am proud of myself for jumping back onto the cooking wagon again. This week we made ground chicken zuchinni meatballs, flank steak fajitas – yes mom cooked steak. It was a first. Many of you know, it’s a momentous occasion when I eat cow. We also made a pumpkin curry, peanut butter cookies, and berry muffins. I am in full home maker mom mode now.

Christmascard2-1593This weeks included a fun trip to the Spectrum to ride the carousel, Crystal Cove, the park in the mornings, corona del mar tide pools, the back bay nature center, and we went to balboa in down moments. That sounds so egotistical,  I’m really not that great of a mom – but getting out is one of the things I’m good at. I usually don’t write it.. that was a lot of stuff. Our place is small though and with these boys you just have to.

Coronadelmar3-4946Do I have a story for you…

We had been mourning the boys Strider bikes since we got back from Utah. We got back from our trip and the boys’ bikes  were gone! We looked everywhere and they were gone. We had resorted that someone must have took them because we usually keep them at the bottom of the stairs and they weren’t there. Well, well, well… we found them and you won’t believe where. 

  During our walk on Balboa earlier this week we were walking back to the car and Finn was running down the sidewalk ahead of us a bit when he yelled, “I found our Strider Bikes!” I thought to myself, “No way.” “This is going to be so sad… I’ll have to explain that those are some other lucky boys bikes.” Well Jude booked it up there, I come quickly behind and what would you know – draw drop, THEY ARE our bikes: Finn’s green bike – without a doubt rust in all the right places and Jude’s special red wheels on his blue bike were sitting in someone’s red wagon propped nicely for great visibility on the outdoor patio of this cute cottage. Well as you can imagine the boys were going nuts! Royal, oh my goodness JUMPING up and down like crazy. Clapping his hands. The entire week the boys have been getting out of the car asking for their bikes and I haven’t had them. I’ve felt so bad. Well, we knocked on the door and this nice lady answered she was Gigi’s age and had her five year old grandson and I just said, “Hi, we are here about the bikes… gesturing to her patio adjacent to her house”  and she said, “Oh yah! We have been hoping you would come back!” You guys, I left the bikes just sitting in the sidewalk. She was so sweet she said, “I figured you must have loaded up the kids and accidentally left them! I had three little ones close together! ”  She was so nice, she said more than once, “I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you found them! I’m so glad you got them back!” She must have seen how loved on and used they were. Well it’s a tribute that we are pretty regular with our spots that we like to hit up, I didn’t realize it but I’m definitely a creature of habit! We have been parking in the same area. All is well in the world, struggs Hb – way to go rock star strangers.

Coronadelmar4-4955Coronadelmar2-4909I have been trying way harder to get to bad earlier. Last week I went to bed at 9;30 one night and I felt so much better in the morning.  I would have had this cranked out in five minutes, but I had to record that Strider story! The boys have been so happy! I reallly hope I don’t do that again!

Coronadelmar5-4962I know, I should just remain this ‘the beach blog’ what can I say. It’s where the magic happens.

Coronadelmar1-4882Have a great week, love you guys.



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