The Broken Arm Week

Cactuswalk12-520820 January 2014

Jude broke his arm last week. With all the adventures we go on, you think he did it doing some crazy ‘Jude like’ activity, but alas it was simply rolling off the bed. Let’s go back to the day in the question. Last Tuesday…

Cactuswalk16-4977Jude went to school, the other boys and I went to the park – picked up Jude came back for lunch and Royal’s nap. Our adventure that afternoon was a trip to the Point at Crystal Cove. We don’t go to the Point often because it’s such a long walk but the boys needed a lot of exercise and I wanted to put them down early. Well, by the end of our outing the boys were exhausted and were ready to go down. Too bad Jude broke his arm minutes before going to bed!

Cactuswalk17-5001Royal was in his cozy clothes. The great thing about Ryan studying all night after work is there is really no end for me so it’s made me develop more of an attitude that there’s nowhere to get so you might as well make the day as enjoyable as possible. We just take everything nice and slow and explore everything and anything.

Cactuswalk14-4990Royal has so many great expressions, he’s so easy to snap pictures of on the go.

Cactuswalk2-5013So there were taken about two hours before Jude broke his arm.

Cactuswalk3-5024Down on the beach, the boys explored pretty much wherever they wanted to go. Jude climbed up a small ledge, Finn explored the stream, and Royal launched himself over this sandy ledge over and over again.

Cactuswalk5-5111I took pictures of birds while they were playing… I was army style crawling in the sand trying to get as close as I could. I actually got pretty close!

Cactuswalk13-5084I don’t have pictures of Finn because he was so far ahead of us – he’s always yards ahead of us waiting for us to catch up with the babies.

Cactuswalk6-5128Jude couldn’t handle the walk back to the car. Royal by this point had lost his pants getting all wet- I liked this because Royal was trying to get Jude to keep going.

Cactuswalk10-5116This is a private path to the beach – it looks like a road but we’re not in a real road. It’s only for people walking and those that want to be on their bikes,  we didn’t see any bikers. Jude observing the long walk that he had no energy for.

Cactuswalk11-5130More whining…

Judehospital-Later that night, after we waited a few hours Jude had fallen asleep. Poor thing.

FullSizeRender(3) IMG_1390 FullSizeRender(2)

FullSizeRender(1)Jude LOVES, the ladies, he loved getting all this attention.

Next morning….

photo(2)Pretty touch and go – hadn’t quite figured out how to keep Jude clothed – my house was a disaster from not getting a chance to really clean it the night before. Lots of stickers, and thankfully a surprise delivery from Grandma Cindy and Bompa Petes – super hero balloons. Very sweet, despite his sad face he was actually quite excited about them.

Pawpatrol-5211This dog has not left Jude’s side since the hospital. One of the nurses gave it to him, we took him to CHOC, the Children’s hospital closest to us. They were great with him.

Royalphone-5273We’ve been spending a little more time inside, but we still manage to get out to do some fun stuff. The only time he has genuinely cried hard since he broke his arm was when he was at the park for the first time and after a few attempts at trying to climb up stuff he couldn’t – he loves climbing and scaling everything. Royal with his chin in his hand, so cute. He’s growing up so much.

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  1. Heather, you are a great mom! Those pictures at the beach? Priceless. Royal is getting so expressive! Jude looks so tender and sad, so hard to see him hurting. 😒. Getting the cast changed this week. He tells me “green for sure”!!!! We’ll be watching! Love U! Mom

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