A foggy morning

Royalstrider-534626 January 2014

Good morning, I woke up early to publish this quickly. I have a lot of other things I’ve been enjoying in my short evenings other than blogging but I still like to try and get a post up once a week. Ryan has been been studying day and night for the bar next month, the boys thankfully still seem to be doing okay. Everyone is being a worn thin but we both still seem to be handeling it well.  It’s rewarding working so hard everyday, it gives me hope that Ryan will do good on his test because we are both sacrificing and working hard.

Royalstrider6-5308I took the boys on a nature walk last week, on a very foggy morning. Royal and Finn LOVED it. Finn asked me ‘to take him here everyday’ and Royal giggled and laughed as he biked down the hill. I ran down the hill next to him holding on to his bike. It was so fun listening to him laugh down the hill. It’s so rewarding creating experiences that make everyone happy. It’s just so hard to maintain and I’m just not someone that can entertain them every second of the day.

Royalstrider3-5311Chasing the clouds!

Royalstrider2-5321Finn has grown a lot of in the last four months. Most of his pants are too short, I’ve got to get his hair cut. The other day at dinner after we prayed over our food Finn turned to me and said, “You have to be dead to see Jesus, don’t you?” I asked him, “Who told you that?” His response was, “I just figured it out in my brain.” Even though it’s sad to see them growing out of their baby faces I love that it’s getting easier to talk to the boys, I’m happy they are all growing up.  Royaladventurefog3-5306 Royaladventurefog2-5369 Royaladventurefog-5350Jude was at school, so he wasn’t in any of these pictures. It was a good time for them to go ride their bikes because the trails are close to Jude’s school and Jude’s arm makes it so he can’t ride his bike.

Killing a few final minutes at the park next to Jude’s school. This last week I took the boys the balboa a few times, we had a doctors appointment in Orange where they x-rays of Jude’s arm. It still is not looking straight but they think that new bone will grow. Hopefully, it still looks like the bone is overlapping. Jude’s bowels are pretty good regularly but this last week all the boys have had diarrhea off and on, I think they are fighting something. Hopefully not the flu. I took the boys to the citrus park this week, one of our favorite parks in Irvine/Tustin. We used to live right next door, the boys had so much.  I have a deep love for Orange County. I love it here.


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  1. I love that Citrus Park! Can still see the playground equipment in my head! All those lemons! 💛💛💛
    Heather, Royal is so flippin’ CUTE! What size jeans does Mister need??? Love you! Mom

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