Hello February

wedge3-54982 February 2015

Well hello February! It’s a Monday morning blog post for me. Finn and Royal both have come down with a very debilitating cough, if not the flu. It came on so suddenly and has really been uncomfortable for them. It’s so stressful at night – hoping they are breathing okay – always checking on them: propping them up so they aren’t flat on their backs. They have been taking a lot of hot showers, and thankfully they think it’s a treat to take medicine. All and all though things are on the up, the first day was the worst and they seem to be doing better.

Cloudcrystalcove11-5655Even when the boys are sick, we have to get out. Our place doesn’t feel that small but we are in an apartment and it’s not possible to say inside the entire day.  So we did some of our easiest outings this week. I’ve been taking the boys down to Crystal Cove, the El Moro location. We can park right on the beach, walk a few a few feet and just relax and enjoy the scenery. I would not take Finn to the beach if it was going to be too exhausting. The other afternoon it was really bright but cloudy. The ocean was so calm. The boys do well avoiding the water when it’s high surf but with it’s low tide it was so inviting.  Finn had a sudden burst of energy and just ran up and down against the waves. It really perked up his spirits. The beach was the quietest I have ever seen it. I love being at the beach when it’s overcast.

cloudycrystalcove9-5457Jude last week had a rough day in preschool. He wasn’t listening and wouldn’t do his worksheets. With Jude’s broken arm he’s just a lot more restless. I thought climbing over all these rocks would be a good high impact outing, and it proved to be just what he needed. Jude loves climbing over stuff. The rocks are hard to maneuver but they aren’t too tall but provide a nice physical challenge.

wedge2-5579I held Royal a large portion of the time, his little legs were just too short to walk comfortably over the rocks. He was not loving it in the beginning. Thankfully I had a bit of chocolate to cheer him up. He warmed up to it. On our outings Finn and Royal are usually together and then me and slow poke Cougar Jude bring up the rear! He always gets side tracked checking something out.

wedge5-5571cloudycrystalcove7-5716I thought I was coming down with something last week myself because my chest felt so congested but thankfully I was able to fight it off. This morning I woke up and went to my first yoga class in nearly two weeks. I had hurt myself on an outing two weeks ago and it had been giving me some pain so I took it easy for awhile.  I’m feeling like a million bucks now. I felt so restless. Between Ryan and I our schedules are just really hard to align for me getting out.

cloudycrystalcove10-5467Exercise is 80% emotional for me and probably 20% physical in regards to why I do it. I am proud of myself for keeping it together over the last two weeks, I’m not used to life without some kind of exercise a few times a week. I know totally spoiled.

Cloudycrystalcove13-5693 Having the boys full time while Ryan studies for the bar has been a good learning experience for me. I think I’ve become a better mom because of it. I’ve learned to stay calm more. Sometimes I feel like I have to keep them behaved everywhere we go but it usually doesn’t work and it ends up just putting all this negative energy into the air because the boys can tell I’m frustrated. We were in the library a few days ago and the boys were walking out being so loud. Everyone just stared, and this woman came up to me and asked, “Are those your boys?!” I said, “Yes, I’m so sorry! Then just walked quickly after them” This is horrible, but I didn’t even care. They won’t be quiet anyways, we can talk about it after how we need to be quiet but frankly my scolding and shushing doesn’t do anything but stress me out! Eventually it will be easier for them to grasp the concept that they need to be whisper. The boys are horrible whisperers. Jude especially talks loud! It probably sounds like I’m throwing in the towel, but really it’s been the key to unlocking an enduring capacity. I don’t get any real time off, not for another few weeks that is. I feel like I used to parent my kids in this fashion of sprint hard during the day then collapse at night or on the weekends and now I’ve shifted into a very slow jog just breathing in out and never running too fast but never completely stopping.

wedge4-5574Jude gets his cast off in a month from now. Thankfully it didn’t look like it had moved at his last appointment. Hopefully new bone grows, it definitely doesn’t look straight but his doctors said because of his age it should grow straight.

cloudycrystalcove3-5640The high of the week was definitely seeing this huge family of seals a minute after I shot this pic above. There were at least ten seals, and we made bird calls and they peeked their heads out from the water. The boys often miss all the nature in the ocean because I can’t seem to point it out to them in time.

wedge1-5584cloudycrystalcove5-5651Here’s to a great Monday! I am thankful for the reminder I had this morning in my hot yoga class to ‘appreciate this moment because we can never go back to it’, it happens only once. I haven’t spent much mind share on it – -yet but I am becoming more aware of the passing of time, and the reality that we age. Finn starts kindergarten this year, I need to take a step back and try and feel more enjoyment in the present.





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  1. Heather, you are incredible! You give those boys such wonderful experiences day after day! They are truly some of the luckiest kids on the planet! So glad that you give them the beach, let them get dirty and make noise! What kind of adults would they become without all this richness? They have the BEST experiences! Makes me so, so proud of you, and happy for them! Thank you for your incredible support of Ryan and his crazy study schedule. Together you two are doing it! SO PROUD OF YOU TWO! ❤️

  2. I agree with everything your cute Mom said! Or Ryan’s Mom.. Whoever it is Is so wise. Those are lucky boys, and they will learn! You’re right, it doesn’t do any good to be stressed and upset! I’m trying to learn that too, it’s hard to remember in the moment when you feel so judged! I always say this, but let’s get together!! How about President’s Day? Luke doesn’t have school and we’re free once we send Ty’s parents off!

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