Balboa Beach with Gigi and Toppy


BalboaBeachsleeping-5860 16 February 2014

Hello, hello! Well it’s been two weeks  without a blog post and it has felt like a marathon of two weeks! Things are a little crazy, Ryan is in Minnesota and will be for another week doing a final cram session for the bar which is the last week of February. Ryan and I  are both putting our best effort into each of our respective responsibilities, him with studying and I with taking care of the kids alone.  Currently all the boys and I are sick with some bad colds now. I took Finn to the doctor on Saturday and he got an antibiotic and I am taking Royal back this afternoon. Emotionally I have really started hitting a wall, thankfully my parents came into town this weekend and we got to just spend some quality time together. Physically it may be more tiring because we do more in a day than we usually would, but emotionally a little socialization and some extra eyes on my kids is all the difference.

Balboabeach11-5958My parents got here Thursday and we went to Crystal Cove for a few days and went to this beach here –  next to Balboa yesterday. The magic that happens at the beach, the boys need very little entertaining at the beach and I can just relax it’s so nice.

BalboaBeach12-5884Fun watching all the boats pass through the harbor. Finn had a great view!

Balboabeach8-5945Throwing rocks and running in the water.

Balboabeach2-5866This weekend was crazy around here with the holiday. So many extra people in town.  The boys and I usually spend a lot of time at the beach during the week but I try and avoid busier places on the weekend. This was on a weekend with 80 degree weather – one of the busier days at the beach that you would ever have around here and we found a small quiet public beach and nearly had this place to ourselves. I am definitely going to try and keep this place a secret. It’s great! I am not anti social, but I just love finding places where there just aren’t a lot of people.

Balboabeach12-5994Balboabeach13-5973Gigi and Toppy


Balboabeach15-5986Mr Finn and Jude just loved playing with the umbrellas at the beach. It was so funny. 

Balboabeach5-5888Finn is excited to go back again!

Balboabeach7-5911Chillyeveningbeach4-5830Earlier this week, on a chilly afternoon we went and had a long walk at CC and Finn played in a hole.


Chillyeveningbeach3-5795Our apartment doesn’t feel that small  – but I know the boys feel crammed. Being at the beach is such a contrast from being at home. I love watching Finn just run down the beach and not stop.

Chillyeveningbeach2-5814 After about two hours the boys inevitably say, “Let’s go home and get cozy!”

Chillyeveningbeach-5778Great digging Mr!

Balboabeach14-5966Thanks again Gigi and Toppy for all the help with the kids. You guys are great to spend you vacation time with me! I hope you guys don’t get sick! Love you!

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