San Diego Zoo


August 9, 2015

I’m baaaaack! That has been my longest hiatus from blogging ever. Jude, in true predictable fashion broke my laptop by kicking the screen nearly clean off. Usually we are able to get back on our feet after technical difficulties like that faster. It is what it is, we’re back. I have some pretty big life events to visit. But nothing like jumping back right into present day. After a month of the boys and I traveling we are back at home with dad and doing fun family outings like the San Diego zoo. Here are some pictures to look back fondly on. 


Jude’s love affair with caterpillar’s continue! 


Of course Jude tried to climb into a few cages!



Awww, so fun to be looking back on pictures. I didn’t see Ryan take this. I love a fun candid shot. 


What to do with Royal James’ hair?? Man bun anyone?

IMG_9472 IMG_9453 IMG_9447

IMG_9430Ryan really worked the camera today for me. So fun being in some of these pictures! 


IMG_9558 IMG_9543Fruit snack break!

IMG_9468If we weren’t paparazzi enough we now have our SLR going, the GoPro, and the occasional iPhone shot all in one afternoon. Is this too much? I don’t think so. 

IMG_9440I’ll post about our summer travels next time. 

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