Blue Lake Summer 2015


August 9, 2015

We spent two weeks in Minnesota, well technically 17 days, my Grandma Cindy and Bompa Petes are very good to me. Then the boys and I went to Gigi’s house for another two weeks and then we came back home. The boys had an amazing time and only until the last two or three days did they even seem ready to go home. Jude as can you tell in the photo above has quite the nasty wound on his forehead, that kid bled for a solid month straight I swear. This particular wound you see above  occurred, I believe, after he slipped and fell head first into a kayak and rolled into the water. The amount of bandaids and trips to ‘Grandma Cindy’s hospital’ were countless. It helps having your mother-in-law as a nurse. 


Long days made for putting the boys down easy! Royal fell fast asleep in the tub one night he was so tired! 


Libby and her girls Harper and Marlow were there for most of the time with me. Love that baby Mar Mar, or should I call her kamikaze Marlow? Between falling off the dock once, climbing on the table, taking on the dogs, this girl is a woman after my own heart: she’s fearless! 


The annual turtle hunt was a success. We caught four turtles. I caught a few this time, which was SO fun.  To say that it was a blast is a bit of an understatement. 


We’ve got some happy boys when we are in Minnesota. It is a breeze watching them in Minnesota they need very littler parental supervision because they entertain themselves so well. 

IMG_8985IMG_8969The wagon rolling did require a little supervision, it might have rolled once. The only casualty  was Grandma Cindy’s rhubarb plants. 


The boys were self dressed in Minnesota, I like the pajama shorts Mr. Finn. 


Finn’s love affair with kayaking continues. He really had the hang of it by the end and would boat around for hours. 


Royal peeking out through Grandma’s plants. Royal liked going into the forest, of all the boys he was the only one who got a tick and thankfully G.C caught it early. 

IMG_8770The boys went tubing for the first time this year. They loved it and were surprisingly not scared of it at all. . I got to ski nearly every day which was heaven — of course. A big smile for a really fun time!


IMG_8450 IMG_8442Finn had a blast fishing. He went with Bompa Pete on the boat one night and caught a few. Finn’s commentary still makes me laugh about that night. Let’s just say Finn was a little ruffled that he didn’t get to call the shots. Mr. Finn did not approve of Grandpa’s choice of fishing spots. 

IMG_8899 IMG_8922We kept the turtles for a few days around the house and let the boys play (torment) them for a while, then we let them go. They all lived thankfully. 

IMG_9090 IMG_8998 IMG_8630 IMG_8636 Royal so dirty and loving life. We are so privileged to have the opportunity to go here every year. 

IMG_8724 IMG_8495


This is my niece Harper and her dad- our Uncle Mark. What a fantastic fourth of July! 


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