Finn’s First Day of Kindergarten

IMG_96689 September 2015

Above is a shot from Finn’s first day of kindergarten. It’s been a great first week so far. Finn has a fantastic teacher. We live just two blocks away so we’ve been walking to and from school and Finn loves it. He’s very chatty on the way home which is great for me – – if only I could keep Royal biking at a slower pace, I could actually enjoy the conversation. I think Finn’s teacher really likes him but I’m not sure she appreciates the bike riders club that is Jude and Royal who greet him every day when his class comes out. They tend to take over.  

IMG_9671I’ve been counting down the days for the boys to start school. No wonder I was struggling the last few weeks of summer it is exhausting having all three boys at home all day every day. The last few days have been a breeze comparatively.  It’s so much easier to discipline kids when you’re not exhausted. 

IMG_9662 (1) IMG_9656

There are the bike riders. It’s only a few blocks but it’s much easier for them to handle that distance on their bikes. 

unnamed-2Walking out of our apartment complex. 


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